7 7 2020 г.

Update: Brooch and Akasha Renewal

Hello SoulWorker,

a new update is available for your favourite game – it’s a sign of renewal and improvements to come. Learn everything you need to know here:

New Brooches

In addition to the already familiar brooches (Standard, Berserker and Fortress) the Assassin Brooches will finally be rejoining us again with this update. So it would be best check them out now!

Brooch Balance

The effects of all brooches have been optimised – this includes the new Assassin Brooches. Additionally, new universal brooch-transmitters are available which contain all brooch types. They replace our type-specific brooch transmitters in the game.

Event: Brooch Power

Our big brooch event will take place From 7/7 to 6/8:

During the event, boss enemies in raids and mazes drop inferior brooch transmitters. For each brooch type, a maximum of 20 drop per day. The brooch transmitters you collect can then be redeemed for highly-valuable transmitters in the Grutin Shop.

Event: Grutinian Summer

From 7/7 to 6/8 a portal to another dimension will open and take you away to the world of the Grutins. Get ready for a cuteness overload in the form of Grutins wearing the most adorable costumes!


  • The Grutinian Summer Orbs serve as your entry pass into Grutinian Summer. You can purchase them from NPC Deleska in District 6.
  • Grutinian Summer is only available at one difficulty level.
  • You can enter Grutinian Summer 2 times a day.

A Transmitter Will Be Leaving

With this update we will remove the NeoSanctum Transmitter from SoulWorker. This still leaves the Akasha Transmitter which can provide you with all the cards.

Enjoy the update!
The SoulWorker Team


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