15 de 10 de 2020

Welcome to the TERA family!

It’s the start of a new chapter in Arborea: Gameforge is the new publisher of TERA on the continent of America!
We’re delighted to welcome our American players, who we’ve set up dedicated servers for: this move will be a cakewalk!
Of course, you’ll be able to bring your hero and game progress to the new server with you. After the move you’ll simply continue your adventure with Gameforge.

All players who bring their current account from En Masse Entertainment to Gameforge can look forward to a little welcome gift! There’s also the new TERA Battle Arena – a brand-new PvP challenge – coming your way as well as exclusive Gameforge features such as awesome Nightmare Dungeons and exciting events!

The migration is planned to start on October 22 while the new servers are scheduled to open on November 12.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our FAQ and keep your eyes open for further news with detailed info about the move and how it’s going to unfold.

See you soon in Arborea!
The Gameforge Team


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