Update #3 for SoulWorker Anime Legends

“Restricted Area” – New PvE Action

Don’t worry, Restricted Area is just the name of our brand-new PvE features in SoulWorker Anime Legends – and not only is access to this area granted, we actively encourage you to come on in!

Take on a boss with unlimited health for a set time and move a step closer to your goal with every strike: the more damage, the better!

Top 1,000 Rankings

Climb the rankings to score a valuable Reward Chest – provided you finish among the top 1,000 players.

Top 10 Rankings

The top 10 players in our new rankings can look forward to additional rewards such as Enhancement Protectors, Soul Slot Extensions and other great prizes!

Returner – Our Game+

Make your return to SoulWorker Anime Legends: reset your level and progress and take advantage of improved stats when you start again from scratch.

You can also unlock the Unlimited Gear by upgrading your Ultimate Gear with Void Material. As a Returner, you’ll find Void Material placed randomly around districts.

Free Your Hero

To play this mode, you’ll need two characters at level 40. The returning character will need to activate a mission and kill a boss. This character will then be trapped in the Void.

There is where your second hero’s bravery comes in: use them to free your trapped hero from the Rift. The freed character will then be able to start the new mode.


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