Community Update #5

Dear Community,

Before we get into the Community Report, we would like to address something.

We have received a lot of feedback from you all over the last few weeks and we’re aware that there is a great desire for new content and changes in the game.
Currently, we’re working on the following projects:

• New in-game events
• The next content update
• Various bug fixes

However, due to the current worldwide situation, we’re suffering from some delays to our intended schedule.
Originally, the next update was intended to be released in April, which is now expected for release in May. We’re working closely with BlueSide to provide you with new content and fixes regularly, but this will take some more time than usual currently.
We would like to apologise for this, and hope you understand.

In the following Q&A with the developers, we want to address some of the most frequently mentioned issues and questions you have sent us.

1. Will there be additional gold drop changes after the most recent one?
After evaluating your feedback, we released the first adjustment to the gold drop rate in February. Shortly after, we activated a 50% gold boost on top, as you told us the changes were not sufficient.
At the same time, we started discussions with Blueside about additional changes. We have decided to increase the amount of gold and improve rewards soon. Right now, we cannot share more details about what exactly is going to be changed, but we will keep you updated on this issue. Until then, please enjoy the 100% gold boost active until the end of April.

2. Why are there Time Fragment limits?
Blueside: This currency comes with a weekly limit for the raid and is designed to control that content. However, this limit is planned to be increased over time.

3. What are the plans for PvP improvements?
Blueside: Right now, we are trying to fix the PvP damage between heroes. Initially, we’re applying a 50% reduction to damage compared to what it used to be. We’re also working on 3 vs. 3 private battles by improving the matchmaking method.

4. Will you increase the difficulty of missions/raids?
Blueside: It’s something that we as the developers are aware of, but it’s hard to implement in a short period of time. However, we’re taking the time to prepare such improvements.

5. What about loot changes for Dimensional Test and Grave of Time? (personal loot, splitting loot in party options etc.)
Blueside: We are unable to change reward contents that are designed and set up differently by default. For example, we don’t provide daily content rewards for weekly content. We are however currently working on finding a better way to improve rewards.

6. Will you rework keybindings/invert mouse?
Blueside: The keybinding problem is a complex issue that we’ve faced since the beginning. We’re trying to improve this situation, but it’s a difficult problem to solve in a short period of time.

7. What is currently being worked on and what is coming up next?
Blueside: We’re looking for ways to improve the early game progression. We’re also working on single-player content that players can do on their own, as well as constantly developing new troops. Besides that, we always keep an eye on the bug reports and work hard to solve as many issues in as little time as possible.

Your Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team