Play in the era of Kings for free!


Your adventure starts off with a small castle, a couple of acres of land and a handful of loyal settlers. Under your leadership however, the settlement will start thriving as a noble town: Build sawmills, stone quarries and warehouses, train a powerful army, do business at the market and research new technology at the alchemist's laboratory. Your growing metropolis can serve you as a fort, trade centre or as an outpost.

Your battlefronts will shift and your kingdom will grow with every castle that you conquer. You and your alliance - your allied players - can drive barbarians away from occupied castles and carry out attacks on other alliances. Your diplomatic and strategical skill determines whether you become victorious or whether you have to admit defeat. Strive for honour and success and become the ruler of a whole continent.

Your life as a glorious ruler starts now!

Establish an impressive kingdom
Erect a number of different buildings, each of which has its own special functions - from the town wall and the barracks to the noble residence.

The art of warfare
Develop your very own strategy - train medieval units such as archers or knights, build efficient siege equipment and use it tactically.

Forge mighty alliances
You can only guarantee your success with allies: If you play with allies, your alliance can conquer hundreds of settlements and even take over the whole world!

Strategies and statesmen
You alone decide whether to play defensively or whether to concentrate on attack. Find your calling as a cunning merchant, a careful diplomat or as an alliance minister!

No costs or downloads
KingsAge runs on your browser and is completely free. To become a legendary ruler, all you need is an internet connection.

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