2020. 9 1.

Update #1 for SoulWorker Anime Legends

Enjoy non-stop action for on the go with SoulWorker Anime Legends. Now check out the amazing new guild system with the release of the first update!

Guild System

  • Be a team player – found a guild!
  • Earn guild points for you and your guild to spend.
  • Invite talented players to your guild; the higher your guild level, the more players can join.
  • Upgrade your Lab to unlock new skills. Skills can be improved and all guild members benefit from them.
  • Guild points can also be spent on handy items from the Guild Shop. How about some new accessories or upgraded brooches?

Have fun with the update – we think you’re going to love it!

What do you mean, you haven’t even downloaded SoulWorker Anime Legends yet? What are you waiting for? Head over to the Google Play or App Store and download the game to your mobile device today!


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