10/9/2020, 11 PM

A Golden Autumn Full of Events

Autumn is coming, but we’d rather have sun and pleasantly warm weather than rain and storms, of course. So get prepared for the Golden Autumn event!
How It Works:

A fun time packed full of thrilling tasks and valuable benefits awaits you! Each week in Taborea you’ll enjoy a different, exciting event. This includes boost events and an event where you can get your hands on the prized Proofs of Myth and Peak Experience Orb as well as some useful consumables and food.

Event 1: As Much as You Can Carry

Duration: 12th October (midnight) to 18th October (11:59 PM local time of the server)

Grab more loot: receive a drop rate increased by 200% during the event – this is your chance to get shiny, new armor for your adventure!
Please note that “Drop Boost” will be used if you play in a group.

Event 2: Provisions for Colder Months

Duration: 12th October (12 PM) to 20th October (until the server maintenance)

Eve, Frank, Hilary and Owenstein would like to help adventurers like you by providing useful items for the colder weeks and months to come. You’ll find them in the Central Plaza of Varanas (Channel 1).

The four of them are especially interested in Healing Potions of Redemption, Link Runes, Mind III and Magic III. So use this opportunity and exchange these items to receive rewards like the Birthday Cake or Birthday Muffin, the Badge of the Trial and much more!

Eve, Frank, Hilary and Owenstein won’t be in the region for long, however, so visit them while you can and take advantage of their offers!

Event 3: Time for Your Workout

Duration: 19th October (midnight) to 25th October (11:59 PM local time of the server)

Do you need more experience and talent points? Then this is the right event for you, because all experience points you earn from quests or combat are increased by 300%. The talent points collected in battle are also increased by 300%.

Event 4: Autumn Shopping Fever

Duration: 20th October (after the server maintenance) to 27th October (until the next server maintenance)

After a short break, Owenstein and Hilary have returned to the Central Plaza of Varanas (Channel 1).

These two are searching for rare Rhinoceros Blood which they’ll exchange for an incredible selection of wares including the Proofs of Myth and the Peak Experience Orb.

Tip: you can purchase Rhinoceros Blood from Black Codex merchants with Ancient Mementos.

Have fun in our autumn events!
The RoM Team


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