Join the catch-up server!

Do you really feel like getting back into Runes of Magic? Have you always wanted to get a new character to the end game but never found the time? Or is there a class combination you’ve been dying to try? Then this is your chance!

With the new 7.4.0 patch we will be opening one temporary catch-up server each for Europe and North America. Here you can level up to level 85 at lightning speed with a whole load of boosts and benefits. Then your character can be moved to the regular server, and so straight into Chapter VII and all the new content it has in store!

  • The new time-limited catch-up servers will open their doors from 18th December 2019 to 30th January 2020.
  • Please note: You can transfer your characters to a regular server until 13th February 2020. All characters that have not been transferred by then will be deleted.

Here’s what’s waiting for you

Your benefits on the catch-up server

  • Quick leveling: your XP and TP gain increase by a whopping 300%
  • No repercussions: dying costs you zero experience points
  • Turbo for secondary class: once you’ve reached the server-wide maximum level 85 with your primary class, you’ll receive a free Power Up Pill in the shop to level your secondary class straight up to level 80. See the item shop to find out exactly how it works.
  • Exclusive offers: maybe you haven’t played Runes of Magic in ages and you’ve missed out on a few cool costumes, mounts and pets in the process. As soon as you reach level 85 you’ll unlock exclusive offers in the item shop that are only available on the catch-up server. So swing by once in a while and choose yourself something nice!
  • Off to the regular server: as soon as your character has reached level 85, you can transfer it to a regular server of your choice within your region by the specified date.

How to bring your character home

  • You can have max. 2 characters on the catch-up server.
  • You can transfer a total of 2 characters to the regular server. This number does not change even if you delete characters on the catch-up server.
  • Once a character has reached level 85, you can transfer it to a server of your choice.
  • The transfer is only possible until 13th February 2020. All characters that have not been transferred by this date (naturally, that applies especially to characters below level 85) will be deleted.
  • All progress and your inventory will be transferred. The following exceptions will not be transferred with your character:
  • Friends list, Nemesis list and Block list
  • Your house
  • Your messages
  • Open auctions – so please withdraw your auctions and retrieve your items from the Auction House before you transfer
  • Guilds
  • If a character with the same name already exists on the target server, you will be prompted to change the name of your character when you first log in.