4/2/2020, 11 PM

Event: Haunted House

Are you strong and fearless? Then we have the perfect event for you until 16/4/2020!

Solve puzzles, enter the haunted house, kill the boss, and scoop some awesome rewards! Here’s how it works: the Team Manager NPC at the entrance to Varanas will grant you access to the event zone, and you’ll be able to participate from level 75!

Garden and Haunted House

In the first part, the garden, you’ll have to find the mechanisms that’ll open the doors to the mansion. But don’t let yourself get caught by the ghosts while you’re doing so!

The second part takes place inside the mansion: there’s an epic boss battle against an evil ghost and unique rewards waiting for you.

4 Game Modes

The different modes are Solo, Easy (2 players), Normal (3-4 players:), and Hard (6 players).
Solo mode only takes place in the first part, the garden.

Entry Cost

You can obtain entry to Solo and Easy modes from the Team Manager NPC for gold.
For Normal mode you need the Gold Colored Key item, which you can obtain by successfully completing the first part of the event or in the shop.
Hard mode can only be accessed with the Mysterious Transport Medium item, which you can purchase in the shop.

Potential Prizes

The reward chests can contain a multitude of useful items depending on the mode: from currencies – including Proof of Myth, transformation potions and other consumables, permanent versions of the Grand Doge mount and pet, and more!

Have lots of spooktacular fun!


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