3/12/2020, 10 AM

It’s Stomping Time: New for PvP Fans

Join the Stomping Grounds and battle with up to 30 other players – only one team can win! Can you survive to the end?

3, 2, 1, STOMP!

The battle is for 25 to 30 players above level 100, and you can register either alone or in a group of up to 6 friends. You start out with heavily reduced combat stats, but these can be increased over time by killing monsters, taking out enemies or opening chests.


Claim victory by being the last surviving team or combatant! In reward you can receive Copper and Silver Stomping Coins which can be exchanged with mercenaries outside the battlefield.

The number of coins received for victory depends on the size of the team. Increase your chances of winning by selecting a team of skilled operators – or greed out on the loot as a lone wolf!


The fun doesn’t stop when you die – click the button to join the spectators and watch the rest of the battle unfold. Irrespective of whether you’re alive or dead at the end of the battle, you’ll receive 200 Copper Stomping Coins for sticking around to the end.


Battles on the Stomping Grounds end after 14 minutes, irrespective of whether any team has claimed victory. In the case of a tie after this time, the spoils are divided between the surviving teams.

More Power!

In order to increase your stats on the Stomping Grounds, you need to collect power-ups. You can also use special items to give you more power.

These items can be purchased for Copper Stomping Coins from mercenaries outside the battlefield, or looted directly from chests and defeated monsters on the Stomping Grounds. You can equip up to 6 items in the field, and any excess items will overwrite the oldest item. Power-ups you find are equipped automatically, while items purchased for Stomping Coins must be equipped manually before entering the battlefield.

Thirty chests containing items and power-ups spawn at the start of the battle; the large chests contain three random items, while the small ones only contain one.

Beat the Boss!

At the corners of the Stomping Grounds you’ll find fearsome bosses which grant powerful buffs to the person who delivers the killing blow. But watch out! If that person is then killed by another player, the buff is passed on to them.

Danger, Danger!

During the battle, the combat area will be reduced by a mysterious circle of fog. You’ll receive a warning each time before this happens. If you’re in one of the areas cut off by the deadly fog, you’ll take damage and should head to the safe reduced area of the Stomping Grounds as quickly as possible. The combat area will shrink ever smaller as time passes.


You can spend your Copper Stomping Coins with mercenaries for special booster items for your next battle, or exchange them for up to three random chests per day.

Silver Stomping Coins are more valuable, and can be used in exchange for an exclusive mount or PvP gear, for example.

Ready to stomp your enemies? Then join the fun and show everyone how big your boots are!
Have fun,
The RoM Team


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