11/10/2020, 11 PM

Events in November

People in Europe and beyond are once again battling COVID-19, and physical distancing is our most important weapon against the virus.
Online games can help people all around the world to endure the crisis with a little distraction. For this reason, we’ve created this event:

Join us, get your free Face Mask from the shop and gear up with First Aid Boxes from the boost and drop event.

Event Offer in the Shop

Set an example and also wear a mask online – for free in our shop:

Item Shop Offer
Lantern Moon (orange) 1x daily per player
Book of the Leader+ 4x daily per account
Face Mask (m, f) 1x per account
Face Mask+ (m, f) Offer in the shop

Boost and Drop Event

Seize this opportunity to level up your hero and pick up useful drops:

11/11 to 17/11

  • +75% EXP
  • +20% drops

18/11 to 24/11

  • +150% EXP
  • +35% drops

25/11 to 1/12

  • +200% EXP
  • +50% drops

11/11 to 1/12

  • Each day from 5 PM to 11:59 PM (CET), there will be a certain chance of Metins and boss enemies dropping the First Aid Box.

You’ll find one of these items in the First Aid Box:

  • Aura Ice Rune
  • Experience Ring (1h)
  • Moon Elixir (E)
  • Sun Elixir (E)
  • Sun Elixir (M)
  • Moon Elixir (M)
  • Peach Flower Wine XL
  • Blessing of the Dragon
  • Blessing of Life
  • Blessing Scroll
  • Peach Flower Wine

Stay safe!
The Metin2 Team