Event: Balloon Carnival

A traveling merchant is en route to the New Ku’dan Bazaar. He’ll need your help! Complete the event quests to earn fantastic rewards!

How it works:
Visit the merchant NPC in New Ku’dan and accept the tasks he gives you!

Balloon Carnival:
After receiving the entry ticket and accepting the quest for the Balloon Carnival, head out for Rye Ridge. You’ll find the event area in the southeast.
You can go hunting for balloons 3 times in order to shoot down a total of 100 balloons.
In reward you’ll receive balloons which should be taken to Jessie.

Stolen Toys:
For this quest you need to defeat enough Cowardly Goblins to fill the progress bar. Once filled, return to the merchant in the New Ku’dan Bazaar to collect your reward.

Touch the Sky:
Take the balloons you earned at the Balloon Carnival to Jessie in New Ku’dan Upper Town.

Among other rewards, you can earn the Nutcracker chest, tickets for the carnival, potions, gold and crafting materials.

Have fun at the Balloon Carnival!
The Guardians of Ember Team