11/4/2020, 5 PM


Epic New Content for PvP and PvE Gamers

It’s finally here: AION 7.7 – Prison of Time is now live on the European servers! Look forward to new content, thrilling challenges and tons of improvements to your favourite game!

What’s New?

  • PvPvE Battlefield Tempus Fugit: AION vets of both factions must battle their way through the area to take on a powerful opponent, with brand-new ultimate PvP gear waiting in reward!
  • PvE Dungeon Beshmundir Storm Temple: This dungeon’s had an update! Join five friends in beating this challenge and pick up some ultimate PvE gear in reward!
  • Ultimate Gear: Magically craft brand-new ultimate gear or collect it from the field prize givers.
  • Powerful Glyphs: Select from 12 different glyphs which increase your hero’s resistance stats.
  • Lumiel’s Transmorph: Stuck with gear you don’t need? Then infuse your items with the power of the Aether and craft new ones you really do.
  • Item Collection: Add a variety of items to your collection. The more collections you gather, the better your rewards.
  • Even more: On top of all the new content, we’ve also made improvements to Lugbug missions and field prize givers – try it out today.


Patch Notes
Read the patch notes to get the full low-down on all the new contents and changes.

Have fun with the new update! — The AION Team


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