3/20/2020, 3 PM

A Time for New Discoveries

A group of adventurers stumbled upon the long-forgotten Narawashi during an exploration mission. Overjoyed at the discovery, the travellers decided to continue their mission and found two new untouched areas: Arahur Rampart and Devil’s Lair. In the meantime, something has happened in the Cavern of Eternal Ice…

Visit our new server with your friends on 20th March to explore these thrilling new areas! But beware! They are full of monsters, some of which have never been seen in Iberia. Also, you won’t be able to bring your equipment and weapon along. But there are some upsides to empty pockets: fill them with the items you find during your raids through the new areas!

We have a few events planned, which will help you crush the monsters and enemies who get in the way as you travel.

Ready for New Adventures?


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