Developer: devCAT
Publisher: Nexon Korea, Nexon Co. Ltd.
Release date: October 13, 2010
Rating: Not available
Embark on an epic journey in this visceral, free-to-play action MMORPG. Master real-time combat, explore a dark world, and uncover the secrets of a war-torn land.

About the game

Vindictus is a free-to-play, action-oriented MMORPG developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. The game features a dark and gritty world, where players must battle against dangerous creatures and unravel the story of a once-great land. Utilizing an engaging physics-based combat system, Vindictus offers a visceral, fast-paced experience. Choose from a variety of unique characters, each with their own distinct playstyles, and embark on challenging dungeon-based adventures, either solo or with friends.

Reasons to play

  • Intense combat: The physics-based combat system delivers a fluid, dynamic, and satisfying experience.
  • Engaging storyline: Vindictus features a captivating narrative that unfolds as players progress.
  • Varied character classes: The game offers a diverse cast of characters, ensuring different gameplay experiences and replayability.

Reasons not to play

  • Linear gameplay: The game's focus on instanced dungeons may feel repetitive and restrictive to some players.
  • Pay-to-win elements: The presence of microtransactions can create an unbalanced environment, giving advantages to those who spend money.
  • Time-consuming progression: Grindy gameplay and the need to farm resources may deter players looking for a more casual experience.


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