Top 25 Anime Series

The best of the absolute best anime series

If You Don’t Want to Waste Your Time Watching Sub-Par Anime, Here Is Where You Start

The world of Anime is an exciting one and there are so many incredible shows to watch. But knowing what to choose and where to start can be a bit daunting if you are just getting into it. For this reason we have cut through the hundreds of passable Anime series, to find the Top 25 very best Anime series of all time, for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to experience heartfelt drama, unforgettable characters and thrilling action, as we present you our best of the best.

TL:DR – These Are Our Top 25 Anime Series Of All Time

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood | 2. Attack on Titan | 3. One Punch Man | 4. My Hero Academia | 5. Cowboy Bebop | 6. Hunter x Hunter | 7. One Piece | 8. Demon Slayer: Kimetso no Yaiba | 9. Dragon Ball Z | 10. Naruto Shippuden | 11. Jujutsu Kaisen | 12. Black Clover | 13. Vinland Saga | 14. Code Geass | 15. Naruto | 16. Neon Genesis Evangelion | 17. Mob Pycho 100 | 18. The Promised Neverland | 19. Gurren Lagann | 20. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure | 21. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. | 22. Re:Zero, Starting Life in Another World | 23. Steins;Gate | 24. Bleach | 25. Haikyu!!

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1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Brotherhood, Betrayal and Beyond

Animation Studio: Studio Bones

Image credit: Studio Bones

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a remake of the original Fullmetal Alchemist series, that aired from 2003 to 2004 and more closely follows the events in the Manga source material. It is deservedly so considered the superior adaptation and a thrilling Anime series with loads of action, adventure and drama. The story revolves around the two brothers Edward and Alphonse Eric, who try and fail to bring their mother back to life, using alchemy. Along the way they must battle dangerous foes, protect their loved ones and even uncover a deep conspiracy. We like Fullmetal

Alchemist for it’s dynamic characters, the high end animation and emotional, impactful storyline. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the perfect blend of fantastic world building and mainstream appeal, so it can impress a wide audience. We are sure, that this deserved first place in our ranking of the Top 25 Anime Series of All Time, will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat, the whole time through.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Cover
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Tags: Action, Anime, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: 2009-04-03 (United States)
Rating: tv_pg, tv_14, tv_ma
Available at:
Prime Video

2. Attack on Titan

Humanity’s Last Stand

Animation Studio: Wit Studio (Seasons 1-3), MAPPA (Season 4)

Attack on TitanImage credit: Wit Studio

Based on the Manga of the same name, by Haijime Isayama, Attack on Titan is set in an unsettling world, where humans live in fear of giant creatures known as Titans. These humanoid monstrosities prey on humans and appear in different sizes and forms. The story follows Eren Yeager and his friends, who join the military to fend off and attack the Titans. Soon they uncover the many mysteries behind their existence through a gripping storyline, unforgettable characters, many dramatic and intense moments and breathtaking action. The world of Attack on Titan will leave you with dropped jaw, heart pounding and biting your nails, as you experience many shocking plot twists and grisly deaths of well beloved characters. Not for the faint of heart, Attack on Titan has the potential to woe even non-anime-fans and thus absolutely deserves its high spot in our ranking.

Cover not available
Attack on Titan
Tags: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic

3. One Punch Man

From Zero to Hero

Animation Studio: Madhouse (Season 1), J.C. Staff (Season 2)
Release Date: October 2015 (Season 1), April 2019 (Season 2)

One-Punch ManImage credit: Madhouse

One Punch Man is based on the Manga/webcomic series of the same name by ONE. The story follows Saitama, an imperfect superhero, who is powerful enough to defeat anyone with just one punch. His immense capabilities lead to him feeling bored all the time, as he searches for an opponent that’s worthy of a fight. Saitama often stumbles into situations that lead not only to great, dynamic fight scenes, but also to witty humor and comedic moments. The cast of memorable characters interacts wonderfully with each other and is an essential part of the storyline. To anyone, who loves a good chuckle and yearns to drop their feet onto the couch table to relax for 24 minutes per episode at the end of a long working day, this is for you, as we can wholeheartedly recommend this highly entertaining Anime series.

Cover not available
One Punch Man
Tags: Action, Comedy, Anime, Superhero

4. My Hero Academia

Rising Heroes and Epic Battles

Animation Studio: Bones
Release Date: April 2016 (Season 1), April 2017 (Season 2), April 2018 (Season 3), October 2019 (Season 4), March 2021 (Season 5)
Number of Episodes: 113 (as of March 2023)

My Hero AcademiaImage credit: Bones

Kohei Horikoshi penned the renowned Manga series of the same name, which has become a favorite among fans of action and superhero Mangas. The Anime series focuses on a group of classmates and the main protagonist Izuku Midoriya, who are all attending U.A. High School. They train to become professional heroes. The inspiration for their dedicated training is their idol All Might, whom they all aspire to. Izuku learns to harness his own unique abilities as he protects society from evil. The series boasts an inspiring message about the power of courage and determination and is full of heartwarming, character driven moments. My Hero Academia is a truly joyful thrill ride, with epic battles, stunning animation and many memorable characters. In our book, this is a must-watch, not only for fans of the genre, but for all superhero fans.

Cover not available
My Hero Academia
Tags: Action, Comedy, Anime, Superhero

5. Cowboy Bebop

A Classic Space Western Adventure

Animation Studio: Sunrise
Release Date: April 1998 (Japan), September 2001 (North America)

Cowboy BebopImage credit: Sunrise

This is one of the great classics and practically essential viewing. A group of witty bounty hunters travels through space in the year 2071 in this critically acclaimed Anime series. In it’s unique blend of genres you get to enjoy the very best of science fiction, westerns and a slight dose of film noir. The jazzy soundtrack is beyond iconic and the characters are just as memorable. The animation and visuals are stylish to a point, where you will miss it, while watching other Animes.

In 2021 Cowboy Bebop was adapted as a live-action series and released on Netflix. The series received backlash for changes in the story and the outfits of the characters, but overall managed to capture the style and feel of the original animation. The live-action series was cancelled after just one season.

Cowboy Bebop has a well deserved spot on many „Best of Anime“ lists as it is a true must-watch for science fiction and western fans alike. We can’t recommend it enough, go watch it now.

Cover not available
Cowboy Bebop
Tags: Action, Adventure, Western, Science fiction

6. Hunter x Hunter

Unleash Your Inner Hunter

Animation Studio: Madhouse
Release Date: October 1999 (original series), October 2011 (remake)
Number of Episodes: 62 (original series), 148 (remake)

Hunter x HunterImage credit: Madhouse

Hunter x Hunter is all about Gon and his training to become a hunter. Hunters are skilled, elite individuals, who hold a prestigious title amongst their peers, as the dangerous profession involves traveling the world and facing off against various creatures. Oh, and don’t forget the collecting of treasure. On his journey Gon is accompanied by his friends Killua, a skilled assassin, Leorio who is training to become a doctor and the powerful but enigmatic Kurapika. This charming gang of adventurers navigates through treacherous terrains, battles imposing enemies and uncovers long- hidden treasures and secrets. Hunter x Hunter truly shines with its intricate world-building and thrilling action, that draw you in and has you on the edge of your seat. The complex characters will have you bond with them in no time. We highly recommend Hunter x Hunter for adventure and fantasy fans.

Cover not available
Hunter x Hunter
Tags: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure

7. One Piece

From Humble Beginnings to Pirate Legend

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Release Date: October 20, 1999 (ongoing)
Number of Episodes: 1001 (as of March 2023)

One PieceImage credit: Toei Animation

Monkey D. Luffy is a young and energetic pirate, who wields the strange power of rubber. Together with his crew of Straw Hat Pirates he will take you on an epic adventure like no other. As they navigate the rich and imaginative world of One Piece, they encounter strange creatures, visit exotic locations and end up in fierce battles with the most dangerous pirates in the world. Themes like friendship, loyalty and personal growth make up a huge part of One Piece’s appeal to a wide audience. It is easy to identify with and root for the rubber-limbed hero Monkey. One Piece is as exciting and funny as it is heartwarming, thanks to charming characters, thrilling action and dynamic storylines. The animated pirate adventure is one of the longest running Anime series and for good reason. It’s just brilliant and an easy watch, as such it can be wholeheartedly recommended to any Anime fan willing to explore the treacherous Waters of the Grand Line with Monkey D. Luffy and his ragtag band of Straw Hat Pirates.

Cover not available
One Piece
Tags: Action, Comedy, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure

8. Demon Slayer: Kimetso no Yaiba

Blood, Tears and Triumph

Animation Studio: Ufotable
Release Date: April 6, 2019 – September 28, 2019
Number of Episodes: 26

Demon Slayer: Kimetso no YaibaImage credit: Ufotable

The world of Demon Slayer: Kimetos no Yaiba is a dark one, with threats and action lurking around every corner. Tanjiro is the protagonist in this bold adventure, who gets on a journey to become a demon slayer, after his family was brutally attacked by demons. With the help of powerful demon slayer Giyu Tomioka Tanjiro sets out to avenge his family. Always at his side is his sister Nezuko, the sole survivor of the demon attack on his family, but she has been turned into a demon herself. Tanjiro has to find a cure to turn her back into a human and along the way he meets a diverse cast of other skilled demon slayers. Thanks to breathtaking animation and intense action, the segments where Tanjiro faces off against powerful demons with unique abilities, never feel dull and will have you bite your fingernails. The series is set in Taisho-era Japan, which makes for an interesting world full of compelling characters. Through all the struggles in this dark fantasy world, the moments of heart-warming camaraderie and the themes of friendship and family shine even stronger, which makes Demon Slayer: Kimetso no Yaiba a highly recommended watch.

Cover not available
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Tags: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

9. Dragon Ball Z

From Saiyans to Super Saiyans

Animation Studio: Toei Animation
Release Date: April 26, 1989 – January 31, 1996 (Japan)
Number of Episodes: 291 episodes

Dragon Ball ZImage credit: Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Z is as classic as they come. In this beloved Anime series, that captured the hearts of millions of Anime fans around the globe, Goku and his friends have to battle against powerful villains to protect Earth. Besides the witty humor, it is the absolutely over-the-top and epic battle scenes that make for an incredibly fun watch. The characters are plentiful, charming and some of them are really out there, but how they interact with each other, is half the charm of the series. The 1980’s animation style is like coming home to your mother’s Christmas dinner, it feels wholesome and welcoming. Goku’s adventure, in which he continuously gains strength, as he faces off against increasingly powerful enemies, has become a cultural phenomenon and beloved classic in the Anime world. But its not the iconic characters of Vegeta, Piccolo, Frieza and Goku alone that are the key to it’s time-proven success, it’s the inspiring message of friendship and perseverance at it’s heart, that makes for an exciting and enjoyable watch, over and over again. If you ever watch only one Anime series in your life, go watch Dragon Ball Z. Thank us later.

Cover not available
Dragon Ball Z
Tags: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure, Martial Arts

10. Naruto Shippuden

From Underdog to Hero

Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot
Release Date: February 15, 2007
Number of Episodes: 500

Naruto ShippudenImage credit: Studio Pierrot

Exploring the complexities of friendship and rivalry, Naruto Shippuden is a coming-of-age story about Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy, who wants to become the strongest ninja in his village, so he can protect those he loves. Through his personal struggles and uncovering the secrets of his past, Naruto trains as hard as he can and battles enemy after enemy, as the series follows him on his hero’s journey. His friends Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno join in, when the series explores not only some of the most intense and best action sequences of the genre, but also deep character development around the classic themes of friendship and perseverance. Naruto Shippuden is all about a young boys growth into a powerful and honorable leader, who protects his loved ones by fighting for peace and justice. Naruto Shippuden has been a staple of action and martial arts Anime entertainment for years now and we clearly can see why. The original Japanese Manga series, a worldwide bestseller, was penned and illustrated by famed Masashi Kishimoto. Highly recommended and a good place to start, if you want to get your friends into Anime.

Cover not available
Naruto Shippuden
Tags: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Superpower

11. Jujutsu Kaisen

A Worthy Demon Slayer Successor?

Animation studio: MAPPA
Release date: October 2020
Number of episodes: 24 (Season 1)

Jujutsu KaisenImage credit: MAPPA

Action-packed and supernatural, Jujutsu Kaisen will grip you and not let go, as you enter it’s dark fantasy world. In this sensational Anime, that has already conquered the hearts of many Anime fans worldwide, it’s all about sorcery. The main protagonist Yuji Itadori, a mere high school student, becomes a Jujutsu Sorcerer after he ingested a cursed object while protecting his friends. Uncovering all the secrets about his newly found powers, he joins a team of sorcerers who hunt down and eliminate curses. The animation really shines and the intense fight scenes are downright stunning, making Jujutsu Kaisen a more-than-worthwhile watch for fans of the Shonen genre. The story gains depth and complexity through the well-developed cast of characters, all of them with unique abilities to add to the fray. Jujutsu Kaisen has managed to become one of the most popular up-and-coming Anime series of recent years, thanks to evergreen themes like friendship, sacrifice and the eternal battle between good and evil. Demon Slayer fans looking for a fix? Look no further.

Cover not available
Jujutsu Kaisen
Tags: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Shonen

12. Black Clover

Enter The Enchanting World of Black Clover

Animation Studio: Pierrot
Number of Episodes: 170 (as of March 2023)

Black CloverImage credit: Pierrot

Imagine you live in a world, where magic is everything and you are born without. That is the situation the young boy Asta finds himself in at the beginning of his epic adventure. Despite this little, not insignificant shortcoming Asta has decided that he wants to become the Wizard King, essentially the strongest mage in the land. While traversing the fantastic, mysterious world of Black Clover, Asta joins the Magic Knights, an elite group of mages who protect the kingdom with their powers, to uncover secrets about the world and to fight ever more powerful foes. Along for the ride is Yuno, his rival and friend, who possesses immense magical prowess. Enjoy the struggle of young Asta, striving to achieve his dreams, prevail in action-packed battles, manage intricate relationships and shed a tear or two during heartfelt moments. The message of Black Clover is crystal clear: never give up on your dreams. Thanks to an endearing cast of characters and clever writing, Black Clover is a must-watch for Anime fans, especially if they enjoy the Shonen genre.

Cover not available
Black Clover
Tags: Action, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure, Shonen
Release Date: 2017-11-02 (United States)

13. Vinland Saga

An Intense Journey of Self-Discovery And Vengeance

Animation Studio: Wit Studio
Release Date: July 7, 2019 – December 29, 2019
Number of Episodes: 24

Vinland SagaImage credit: Wit Studio

Historical fiction and animation at it’s finest, Vinland Saga is a truly epic Anime series, that follows the journey of Thorfinn. The young Viking warrior is out to seek revenge for the killing of his father. Set during the 11th century, Thorfinn will stop at nothing to find his father’s killer. The intriguing plot of Vinland Saga is infused with historically accurate depictions of the Viking society with it’s constant conflicts with rival factions and foreign powers. The series is full of action, politics and drama and will have you squirm in your couch at times. Traveling across Europe, Thorfinn learns the harsh realities of violence and the true meaning of heroism, as he becomes embroiled in countless battles and even wars. Vinland Saga is not a children’s Anime and sports some seriously stunning high end animation that never fails to impress. It’s mature, rough, violent, epic in scale and execution and thought-provoking. It is Anime at it’s best and, for the right audience, highly recommended.

Cover not available
Vinland Saga
Tags: Action, Drama, Adventure, Historical, Seinen

14. Code Geass

Tactical Mind Games and Epic Battles

Genre: Action, Drama, Mecha, Military, Sci-Fi
Animation Studio: Sunrise
Original Release: October 6, 2006 – July 29, 2007
Number of Episodes: 25
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

Code GeassImage credit: Sunrise

Mecha battles, political intrigue and military conflicts go together like peanut butter and jelly. Code Geass has plenty of all that. It is an epic Anime series, telling a truly compelling, mature story and introduces many complex character relationships to make it something special in it’s own right. Lelouch vi Britannia, the young, intelligent and charismatic protagonist, secretly plots to overthrow the oppressive Holy Britannian Empire, which ruled over Japan, only known as Area 11, for the longest time. On his journey Lelouch encounters a very diverse cast of characters, allies and enemies alike, each with their own motivations and agendas, as he becomes the masked vigilante Zero. Using his mind control powers, he leads the rebellion against the Empire. The series explores complex themes like morality, justice and what it costs to achieve one’s goals. Power has a price and comes with responsibilities, which is crystal clear to anyone who watched this intense military, sci-fi-drama, full of intricate plot twists and heartpounding battles, visualized in stunning animation. Code Geass is a thrilling and thought-provoking experience and highly recommended for a mature audience.

Cover not available
Code Geass

15. Naruto

The Power of Believing in Yourself

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot
Release Date: October 3, 2002
Number of Episodes: 220
Episode Length: ~23 minutes

NarutoImage credit: Studio Pierrot

It is worth noting, that „Naruto Shippuden“ is the sequel series to this original Anime series, which continues the story after a time skip.

Naruto Uzumaki is a young orphan boy with a big dream. He wants to become the powerful ninja leader of his village, the Hokage. Naruto not only has to overcome ever changing obstacles to achieve his goal, he also has to deal with an unique internal struggle. He is the host of the nine- tailed demon fox, which already has caused massive destruction and chaos in his village many years ago. On top of that, the evil organization Akatsuki threatens the village and his friends, so he has to train under the guidance of his sensei Kakashi, to become strong enough to face all these challenges. His teammates Sasuke and Sakura join Naruto in his endeavors and he gets the chance to learn about the power of his own spirit and the bonds, that he shares with his friends. Naruto is an easy, pleasing watch full of intricate storylines and epic battles, all the while dealing with deep themes of perseverance, friendship and redemption. Naruto is a quick recommendation for all kinds of Anime fans.

Cover not available

16. Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Mind-Bending Mecha Masterpiece

Genre: Science Fiction, Mecha, Psychological Drama
Animation Studio: Gainax and Tatsunoko Production
Release Date: October 4, 1995 – March 27, 1996
Number of Episodes: 26
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

Neon Genesis EvangelionImage credit: Gainax and Tatsunoko Production

Shinji Ikari is recruited by his father to pilot a giant bio-machine, called an „Evangelion“, to go against monstrous entities known as „Angels“. While facing fierce battles with the Angels, Shinji and his fellow pilots have to confront their own personal traumas and struggles. Neon Genesis Evangelion is as dystopian and dramatic as they come and explores themes of identity, depression and human connection, utilizing its great writing, complex character relationships and intricate nuances in human behavior, to paint an epic tale with a wide brush. As their mentors, mysterious Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu, a brash and bold leader, enter the fray, they uncover the dark secrets about the true nature of the Evangelions. The animation is absolutely stunning for it’s time and the beautiful soundtrack will haunt you for a long time after watching. The character-driven storytelling is especially strong and Neon Genesis Evangelion is the go-to-

series, if you are up for a thought-provoking and unforgettable journey, that delves deep into the depths of the human psyche. Neon Genesis Evangelion is simply an essential watch.

Cover not available
Neon Genesis Evangelion

17. Mob Psycho 100

It’s Not Just Another Superhero Anime

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Animation Studio: Bones
Release Date: July 2016 – September 2016 (Season 1), January 2019 – April 2019 (Season 2)
Number of Episodes: 25 (12 episodes in Season 1, 13 episodes in Season 2)
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

Mob Psycho 100Image credit: Bones

Mob Psycho 100 is all about the supernatural, mental capabilities of middle schooler Shigeo „Mob“ Kageyama. Shigeo is able to bend spoons and move objects with telekinesis, but he is afraid his powers could cause distress and harm to others, so he decides to suppress them and keep a low profile. Mob works as an assistant to a self-proclaimed psychic, who runs a business to exorcise evil spirits, Reigen Arataka. Along the progression of events, Mob encounters friends and foes, who also use psychic powers. Mob ends up in tough battles with dangerous spirits and other psychics, all the while learning more about himself and the vast world of psychic powers. The series was created by ONE, the author of „One Punch Man“, but Mob Psycho 100 has gained a dedicated fanbase on its own and is also critically acclaimed for it’s complex characters and thought-provoking narrative. We can clearly see why, Mob Psycho 100 is something special and we recommend you give it a watch, to appreciate this amazing Anime series.

Cover not available
Mob Psycho 100

18. The Promised Neverland

It’s Where Innocence Meets Danger

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Horror, Mystery
Animation Studio: CloverWorks
Release Date: January 2019 – March 2019 (Season 1), January 2021 – March 2021 (Season 2)
Number of Episodes: 12 (Season 1), 11 (Season 2)
Episode Length: ~22 minutes

The Promised NeverlandImage credit: CloverWorks

Emma, Norman and Ray are orphans living in Grace Field House. They are seemingly lovingly cared for by the house’s mother, who prepares them to be adopted into new families. But things go bleak fast, as soon as the trio finds out about the true purpose of the orphanage. It is actually a farm, where children are raised to be slaughtered and eaten by demons. With this epiphany The Promised Neverland follows the three children in their desperate struggle for survival and escape. The story and narrative are gripping and well thought out, expertly weaving together elements of thriller, mystery and horror. The children gain new allies and face difficult moral decisions, fighting their inner demons, as they uncover the hidden secrets in their world of deception and lies. The characters are compelling and it is easy to bond with them, the animation is top tier and the plot is not for the faint of heart. The Promised Neverland is a must-watch for everyone who enjoys suspense and psycho thrillers without a flinch.

Cover not available
The Promised Neverland

19. Gurren Lagann

An Epic Mecha Anime for the Ages

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mecha
Animation Studio: Gainax
Release Date: April 1, 2007 – September 30, 2007
Number of Episodes: 27
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

Gurren LagannImage credit: Gainax

In Gurren Lagann humans live underground. The protagonists Simon and Kamina dream of the endless skies and the surface above them. Stumbling upon a mysterious object known as a „Core Drill“, their destiny changes. Together with a sniper-rifle-wielding girl named Yoko they journey to the surface, facing strong opposition and fierce battles with the Spiral King and his army of Beastmen. Using huge robots, called „Gurren Lagann“ they stand their ground and decimate their foes, but not every victory comes easy. On their journey they meet other, interesting and well developed characters, like the skilled mecha pilot Viral, or the vise and enigmatic character Lordgenome. Determination, friendship, rebellion and mental strength are the themes which are thoroughly explored in this exciting Anime series. The story progresses into a mind-blowing, high- stakes finale, that will have you squirm nervously until it’s all said and done. An absolute blast of a watch for all mecha fans.

Cover not available
Gurren Lagann

20. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Bizarre in Style, Grand in Adventure

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Horror
Animation Studio: David Production
Release Date: October 2012 (Part 1), April 2014 (Part 2), April 2016 (Part 3), April 2018 (Part 4), October 2019 (Part 5), December 2021 (Part 6)
Number of Episodes: Part 1 – 9 episodes, Part 2 – 17 episodes, Part 3 – 48 episodes, Part 4 – 39 episodes, Part 5 – 39 episodes, Part 6 – TBA
Episode Length: ~23 minutes

JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureImage credit: David Production

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has gained a massive following in recent years. It’s easy to see why too, the over-the-top battles, iconic characters and surreal visuals are a breath of fresh air, even for Anime standards. The art style is so distinctive, characters are expressive and the poses are so flamboyant, it is nothing short of a festival for all senses. Plotwise, it’s about the Joestar family, who faces many supernatural threats over several generations (yes, that does sound a bit like the Belmonts). While horror, the supernatural and suspense themes play a huge role in how the events unfold, as the descendants of the Joestar family battle bizarre and dangerous enemies with their unique abilities, there is also a healthy dose of humor to be found in this truly bizarre adventure, to brighten the mood. This is a welcome change, because oftentimes it’s the humor, that ties together the unpredictable plot in this unique genre-blender, that is a highly recommended must-watch for every Anime fan.

Cover not available
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

21. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

A Hilarious Twist on High School Anime

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Animation Studio: J.C. Staff, Egg Firm
Release Date: July 4, 2016 – December 28, 2018
Number of Episodes: 120 (divided into 3 seasons)
Episode Length: ~5-24 minutes (depending on the episode format)

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.Image credit: J.C. Staff, Egg Firm

Saiki Kusuo is a high school student who has extraordinary psychic abilities. Yes, that does sound familiar and yes, Saiki, just like Shigeo from Mob Psycho 100, just wants to lay low and navigate high school life without much fuss. But here the series’ uniqueness shines through, as a cast of quirky characters, like the members of his eccentric family, end Saiki up in predicaments he often can’t escape without using his powers. The harder Saiki tries to stay out of trouble, the more miserably he fails, finding himself in increasingly absurd situations. The series is well known and loved for fast-paced humor, clever dialogue and a unique animation style. If you are up for some lighthearted entertainment and want some workout for your laughing-muscles, look no further, the slice-of-life Anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. will have you engaged and smiling the whole way through. If you want an easy watch to enjoy with your significant other, without looking too much like a geek, try this.

Cover not available
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

22. Re:Zero, Starting Life in Another World

Get Ready to Rewind, Re:Zero Is a Twisted Tale

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Thriller
Animation Studio: White Fox
Release Date: April 4, 2016
Number of Episodes: 25
Episode Length: ~25 minutes

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another WorldImage credit: White Fox

Can you imagine you had the power to rewind time, whenever you make a mistake? This is exactly what Subaru Natsuki, your average high school student, can do, after he is suddenly transported to a fantasy world. Whenever he gets attacked in this mysterious world, he uses his new ability, but soon learns, that he needs to use it wisely, as it comes with a heavy price attached to it. The series sees Subaru meet a large cast of complex and fascinating characters, each with their own agenda and motivations. The series is masterfully written, with lots of intricate world-building and great animation to enjoy. The dynamic characters, fast pace and stunning visuals bring the unfolding events to life. Re:Zero, Starting Life in Another World successfully combines different genres, like action, drama and fantasy, into a rich and engaging experience, which will see you root for Subaru, his love interest Emilia, and many other unforgettable characters. When you are done watching Re:Zero, Starting Life in Another World, it will stay with you for a while, making you crave for more.

Cover not available
Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World

23. Steins;Gate

A Time-Travel Masterpiece You Won’t Forget

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller
Animation Studio: White Fox
Release Date: April 6, 2011
Number of Episodes: 24
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

Steins;GateImage credit: White Fox

A mad scientist, time travel, interesting characters, intricate plot twists – Steins;Gate has it all. Rintaro Okabe and his friends experiment with time travel by sending messages into the past. As they progress further into the intricate world of this complex undertaking, they realize, that their actions have unforeseen, often devastating, consequences. The series weaves a thought- provoking net of time-travel shenanigans with a sprinkle of humor and blends it all so well together, that Steins;Gate is rightly a critically acclaimed and loved-around-the-world Anime series, that is easy to recommend. The high production values create an immersive experience, utilizing a unique animation style and memorable soundtrack, that all complement the story perfectly. This is one of those Animes, that go deep into a niche, in this case time-travel, but is appealing enough for the mainstream. The character-driven narrative and the cleverly crafted relationships between memorable characters are sure to leave a lasting impression.

If you can’t get enough, there is a sequel film Steins;Gate: The Movie – Load Region of Deja Vu, which was released on April 20, 2013.

Cover not available

24. Bleach

From Mere Human to Soul Reaper

Genre: Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Shounen
Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot
Release Date: October 5, 2004
Number of Episodes: 366
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

BleachImage credit: Studio Pierrot

Bleach is based upon a popular Shonen Manga series, created and drawn by Tite Kubo. The Anime follows the Manga pretty closely. Ichigo Kurosaki is an average teenager, only that he has the ability to see ghosts. Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper by taking up duties from Rukia Kuchiki, who was injured while fighting a malevolent spirit, called „Hollow“ in the world of Bleach. Ichigo becomes more involved and familiar with the spirit world and learns about the politics and complicated hierarchy within it, as he fights increasingly dangerous foes for his friends and the people he loves. Bleach sports some really intense actions sequences, great animation and visuals and eloquently uses supernatural elements and complex plotlines not only to entertain, but to amaze. Bleach explores the consequences of one’s actions and themes of redemption and loss. With well over 366 episodes of pure staying-power, Bleach has proven to be an absolute fan-favorite and is rich in history and mythology for Anime fans to enjoy.

Cover not available

25. Haikyu!!

The Ultimate Sports Anime With a Heart of Gold

Genre: Sports, Comedy, Drama
Animation Studio: Production I.G.
Release Date: April 6, 2014
Number of Episodes: 85 (as of March 2023)
Episode Length: ~24 minutes

Haikyu!!Image credit: Production I.G.

High school student Shoyo Hinata dreams of becoming a great volleyball player. Unfortunately Shoyo is short in stature, but he possesses incredible determination and he is athletic enough, to join the high school volleyball team anyways. As part of the team he really shines and forms strong bonds with his teammates, leading them to victory in school tournaments. In fast paced matches, depicted in a very dynamic animation style, Shoyo and his teammates grow upon defeating ever more challenging rival teams. In close-to-life fashion the Anime explores the personal struggles and relationships of the characters, which adds to the narrative and makes it easy to get invested in it. Through it’s runtime Haikyu!! is full of memorable situations, diverse characters, intense matches and cliffhanger moments. It’s not all stress and challenge though, as a healthy dose of humor is the perfect, final ingredient for an excellent Anime series about personal growth and achieving your goals, thats easy to watch and rewatch many times.

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Honourable Mentions

These didn’t quite make the cut, but are still worth checking out.

Fruits Basket

A heartwarming story about an orphan that moves in with a family that is cursed to transform into animals of the chinese zodiac.

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Fruits Basket


Action-packed, historical Anime set in ancient China, following the journey of an orphaned slave named Xin on his way to become the greatest general of China.

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Alien invaders threaten earth. A group of young pilots fight against the aliens using advanced mecha to protect humanity, while exploring human ambition.

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