Star Trek Online

PCPlaystation 4Xbox OneSteamOSmacOS, Xbox 360
Release date: February 2, 2010
Rating: Teen
Explore the final frontier in this free-to-play MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe. Command your starship, complete missions, and engage in thrilling space and ground combat.

About the game

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios and set in the iconic Star Trek universe. Players can create their own captain, customize starships, and explore the vast reaches of space, engaging in both ground and space-based combat. The game features a rich storyline, incorporating various characters and locations from the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek Online offers PvE, PvP, and cooperative missions, providing diverse gameplay experiences for fans and newcomers alike.

Reasons to play

  • Immersive universe: Star Trek Online captures the essence of the franchise, appealing to both casual and dedicated fans.
  • Customization options: The game allows players to personalize their captain, crew, and starships, creating a unique experience.
  • Diverse gameplay: With a mix of PvE, PvP, and cooperative missions, Star Trek Online caters to different playstyles and interests.

Reasons not to play

  • Outdated graphics: The game's visuals may seem dated compared to newer MMORPGs, potentially affecting the immersive experience.
  • Time investment: Progression and acquiring new ships can be time-consuming, leading to a potentially grindy gameplay.
  • Learning curve: The game's depth and complexity may prove challenging for newcomers or casual players to fully grasp initially.


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