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Release date: May 2, 2017
Rating: Teen
Assemble a team of Champions in this free-to-play FPS with strategic depth. Master diverse characters and battle for supremacy in vibrant maps.

About the game

Paladins, a free-to-play first-person shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, captivates players with its vibrant visuals and engaging team-based combat. Offering a diverse roster of 50+ champions, each with distinct abilities, players strategically build their teams to dominate the battlefield. With a unique card system, players can customize their champions, tailoring gameplay to their preferred playstyle. Paladins features multiple game modes, including Siege, Onslaught, and Team Deathmatch, appealing to various player preferences. Its cross-platform compatibility fosters a vast, dedicated community, ensuring lively competition. In summary, Paladins delivers thrilling action, customization, and camaraderie for fans of the hero-shooter genre.

Reasons to play

  • Deep Customization: Paladins offers a unique card and loadout system that allows players to tailor each champion's abilities, adapting to their preferred playstyle. This depth of customization sets Paladins apart from other hero shooters.
  • Free-to-Play: Paladins is accessible to a wide audience due to its free-to-play nature. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to explore the genre without a financial commitment.
  • Diverse Champion Roster: With a diverse cast of 50+ champions, players have ample opportunity to experiment with different team compositions and strategies, ensuring varied and engaging gameplay.

Reasons not to play

  • Steeper Learning Curve: The in-depth customization and unique mechanics can make Paladins challenging for new players to master, potentially causing initial frustration.
  • Comparisons to Overwatch: Some players may find Paladins too similar to Overwatch, and thus may not enjoy the game if they are looking for a more distinct experience within the hero-shooter genre.
  • Microtransactions: Although free-to-play, Paladins features microtransactions, which may be off-putting for some players who prefer a more straightforward, all-inclusive gaming experience.


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