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Developer: Stunlock Studios
Publisher: Stunlock Studios
Release date: November 8, 2017
Rating: Not available
Experience intense, action-packed PvP in this free-to-play arena brawler. Master unique champions and engage in exhilarating 2v2 and 3v3 battles.

About the game

Battlerite is a fast-paced, free-to-play, team-based arena brawler developed by Stunlock Studios. Players engage in thrilling 2v2 or 3v3 matches, where they control champions with unique abilities. The game boasts impressive graphics, responsive controls, and a diverse roster of 27 characters. The emphasis on skillshots and strategic teamwork rewards players for mastering their champions and coordinating with teammates. Battlerite offers deep customization options, including cosmetics and champion loadouts, to tailor gameplay to personal preferences.

Reasons to play

  • Skill Matters:Skill-based combat encourages strategic play and teamwork.
  • Great Experience: Diverse roster allows for a dynamic and engaging experience.
  • Frequent Updates: Regular updates and community events keep the game fresh.

Reasons not to play

  • Hard to master: Steep learning curve might be challenging for newcomers.
  • Game Modes: Limited game modes could lead to repetitive gameplay.
  • Time investment: Requires consistent commitment to maintain skills and rankings.


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