• Why has the sign-in for my game changed?

    We’re unifying the sign-in process for our games, making it easier to sign in and play other Gameforge games without having to enter your details every time. In future there’ll be just a single sign-in for all our games!

  • Where can I manage my Gameforge account details?

    You can manage your Gameforge account at www.gameforge.com. Simply sign in with your credentials and you can make any desired changes under Account.

  • What do I need to know if I change my Gameforge account access details?

    If you change your Gameforge account sign-in credentials, these will apply to all game accounts associated with your Gameforge account.

  • How can I add another game account to my Gameforge account?

    When you launch the game, simply sign in with your other account and then enter your Gameforge account email address. Afterwards you can add the game account to your Gameforge account.

  • How do I know if I already have a Gameforge account?

    If you can sign into www.gameforge.com using your email address, you have a Gameforge account.

  • Can I use my Gameforge account with other Gameforge games?

    Only players of NosTale and SoulWorker can take advantage of a Gameforge account initially. Over time we’ll be standardising the sign-in processes for more Gameforge games and adding them to the Gameforge account. We don’t have a detailed schedule yet, but as soon as a game is slated for the change, registered users will be informed by email.

  • I play my game with multiple accounts on different language servers. Will all of these accounts be displayed in the same account selection screen?

    No, when you sign into your game, only the game accounts for the language you launched will be displayed. If you wish to play accounts in different language versions, simply launch the corresponding game client.

  • I accidentally created different Gameforge accounts with my different game accounts. Is there any way to merge my Gameforge accounts?

    Gameforge accounts cannot be merged at the present time. However, we’re working on integrating this feature in the future.

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