Patch Notes 87 – Lurking Danger

1Following on the heels of patch 86 in October comes patch 87 with some extra class balancing. We plan to release the update on the servers in mid-November. Please note that some names are subject to change and may differ in the final release.

Regional: Event Dungeons

While patch 87 is live, you can look forward to new and extreme event dungeons: Wonderholme and The Abscess return in both normal and extreme difficulties! More details will be released as usual in a separate announcement.

New Event: Ore Collector

  • Start: 12th November 2019
  • End: 17th December 2019

Collect Glittering Ores in dungeons above item level 412 and take them to the ore collector Minerung in the capital, earning yourself consumable rewards, or even the exclusive cards Ruby Moon Elin and Agate Moon Elin!



  • Head On
  • Critical damage is only increased in Defensive Stance
  • Deadly Gamble – Level 69 option ‘Bellicosity’
  • Before: When using Deadly Gamble the cooldowns of Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe and Aerial Scythe are immediately reset.
  • After: Skill damage of Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe and Aerial Scythe are increased by 12% when you target monsters when using Deadly Gamble.
  • Deadly Gamble – Level 69 option ‘Spirit of Iron’
  • You don’t block attacks from the front in PvP
  • Now also works outside instances
  • Deadly Gamble II
  • Resets cooldowns of Rain of Blows, Blade Draw, Scythe and Aerial Scythe
  • Poison Blade
  • Increased skill damage by 500%
  • Reaping Slash
  • Increased skill damage by 600%
  • Traverse Cut
  • Increased skill damage by 300%
  • Blade Waltz
  • Reduced cooldown from 7 to 6 seconds
  • Rain of Blows
  • Edge stack on last hit: 2
  • Edge stack on last hit with Deadly Gamble active: 4


  • Decimate
  • Reduced PvP damage by 30%


  • Binding Scythes
  • Significantly increased binding speed


  • Cyclone Intensity
  • Removed crit damage boost
  • Removed crit factor when attacking BAMs from the front
  • The Eye (Passive)
  • Increased chance to reset cooldown by 25%
  • Cyclone
  • Reduced PvP damage by 15%


  • Line Held I
  • Before: Effects can be stacked up to 10 times. Increases aggro by 4%, power by 4 and crit factor by 6
  • After: Effects can be stacked up to 5 times. Increases aggro by 8%, power by 8 and crit factor by 12


  • Provoke
  • Provoke cooldown resets when the Growing Fury effect wears off

Other Changes

  • This patch allows skills to be transferred from one partner to another one
  • The left and right halves of treasure maps and intelligence reports can now be exchanged for one another. They cannot then be passed on in the broker however


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