Shop Update: Monarchs of Frost

Open the new surprise box and blaze a trail through the heavens abreast an Ancient Mighty Frost Monarch!
This majestic ice dragon will not only support you in combat with the hot 2.0 effect, which has a certain chance to double your crit power against monsters, but his flying skills are also legendary! He’ll whisk you through the air at an unprecedented speed of 320.

And if that’s not enough: thanks to his millennia of experience with Storm Dive, you can activate the effect Stormcharge once an hour, which will fly you to Exodor just like an Azart Elixir.

Surprise Box: Ancient Mighty Frost Monarch

The surprise box contains one of the following items:

  • Storm Skill: Ancient Mighty Frost Monarch (Permanent)
  • Storm Skill: Mighty Frost Monarch (Permanent)
  • Flying Skill: Ancient Frost Monarch (Permanent)
  • Flying Skill: Frost Monarch (Permanent/7 Days)
  • 2x Liquid Exollusion
  • 4x Improved Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock
  • 10x Improved Dark Shard Armor Feedstock
  • 24x Trade Chest: Refined Duranium Fragment
  • 10x Trade Chest: Card Fragment Random Box (Uncommon)
  • 10,000/4,000/3,300/2,800 Tikat
  • 5x Astral Fragment
  • 5x Inexorable Savage Draught
  • 5x Tempestuous Savage Draught
  • 2x Goddess’ Blessing
  • 2x Diamond
  • 100x Elleon's Mark of Valor

Glide into battle on mighty wings and reap the benefits of the famed passive effect!

Have fun,
The TERA Team