7/30/2020, 12 PM

TERA’s PvP Revolution

Get ready for the fight of your life! TERA Battle Arena takes PvP to the next level, demanding coordinated teamplay and all the fighting prowess you can bring to bear!

Fantastic PvP for Newcomers and Veterans

The new TERA Battle Arena (TBA for short) is open to every player and offers an exciting team-based experience. Perfect your personal fighting style and use your skills to claim victory for you and your team in fast-paced matches!
You’ll meet a host of different heroes from Arborea who join the field fully kitted out for battle, without any need to grind for equipment. Each combatant starts the match with a set of unique skills.

A Whole New Experience

In TBA you’ll discover a unique TERA story which will be expanded with new content and challenges in the future. The new mode can be launched in the same manner as the main game, but is completely separate; players who only want to play TBA can do so without having to play the main game.
If you want to learn more about the new PvP mode, pay a visit to our website – it’s worth your while!

Stay Informed

That’s not all! Over the coming weeks there’ll be new PvE contents for all our dungeon fans to look forward to!


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