Shop Update: The Black Wheel

Pick up some special weapon skins and more. This Black Friday you can find new photon weapon skins, the Midnight Black Veil Dancer outfit, and the amazing black unicorn Almighty Moonshine all on the Wheel of Jackpots.
Spin to win fantastic prizes!

New Prizes

The following items have been added to the Wheel of Jackpots:

Jackpot segments:

  • [New] Package: Midnight Black Veil Dancer – Smart Box: Midnight Black Veil Dancer + Night Veil Scarf + Black Face Veil + Golden Lotos Tiara
  • [New] Flying Skill: Almighty Moonshine
  • [New] Smart Box: Cantex Photon Weapon Skin
  • [New] Smart Box: Nova Photon Weapon Skin

Other Changes

Normal segments:

  • [Moved to normal segments] Smart Box: Exodor's Weapon Skin
  • [Moved to normal segments] Smart Box: Darkcore Armor
  • [Moved to normal segments] Trade Chest: Gifted Skill Swap Voucher
  • [Removed] Flying Skill: Chimeric Carnelian Koi
  • [Removed] Flying Skill: Chimeric Carnelian Koinobori
  • [Removed] [Fashion] Psysprite Loo
  • [Removed] [Fashion] Woodsprite Marie
  • [Removed] [Fashion] Courtly Kuncun
  • [Removed] [Fashion] Barrelbearer Cocomin