7/2/2020, 7 AM

Shop Update: Chimeric Koi

Time for a new mount? Turn heads with these bright and vivid koi mounts!

Starting today you’ll find a selection box containing onyx and carnelian koi and koinobori for purchase in the TERA Shop. While mounted, they regenerate your health and mana. Whether you choose the solo koi or a whole koinobori swarm, you’ll make a real entrance when you part the clouds on one of these spectacular mounts!

With the selection box you have the choice between:

  • Flying Skill: Chimeric Onyx Koi
  • Flying Skill: Chimeric Onyx Koinobori
  • Flying Skill: Chimeric Carnelian Koi
  • Flying Skill: Chimeric Carnelian Koinobori

Have fun,
The TERA Team