8/7/2020, 11 PM

TERA Battle Arena: Modes, Gameplay and more!

Story Mode: In the story mode, guardians can experience previously unseen events from Arborea’s past and future.

Battle Mode: In Battle Mode, guardians can fight against other guardians in PvP to acquire Tower Fragments that have been turned into coins.

Gameplay: After matchmaking to enter the arena, 12 players choose their heroes.
The same heroes cannot be selected twice within a group. If players don’t choose a hero within the allotted time, they are assigned at random.
Once the battle has started, various items will appear at certain intervals.
• Their position is displayed on the mini-map.

The first group to loot 300 gold coins from monsters puts the game into overtime.
• Overtime lasts 3 minutes, after which time the group with the most gold coins wins!
After 30 minutes, the Battle Arena comes to an end and each group’s rank is determined by the amount of gold coins looted.

If you want to learn more about the new PvP mode, pay a visit to our website – it’s worth your while!


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