8/1/2020, 10 AM

Events: August

The Elemental Core Event, increased enchantment chances, new mentor rewards, more dungeon entries and much more – here’s a rundown of all the TERA events this August!

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New Mentor Rewards

From 6th August 2020 (9:00 AM)
Help inexperienced players in their first dungeons and earn just rewards for your efforts! Here’s how the system works:

  • You count as a rookie if you have completed a dungeon less than 5 times and have an account younger than 30 days, or have returner status.
  • When rookies and experienced players complete a dungeon together, the rookies can compliment the experienced players at the end.
  • Only applies to groups found through instance matching.
  • Compliments are rewarded with items. Depending on the dungeon difficulty, you can look forward to the following:
    • Adventure Coins
    • Goldfinger Tokens
    • Elleon’s Mark of Valor
    • Legacy Essences
    • Fragments which can be combined into Blightoath Medallions or Battered Oath Tokens.

Elemental Core Shop

6th August 2020 (9:00 AM) to 1st September 2020 (9:00 AM)
Collect powerful cores, combine them to elemental cores and get epic rewards – or will you go one step further, and alloy your elemental cores to the rare metal Exoranium to receive even more valuable items? It’s up to you!

Collect Cores

You can find Forest, Flame, Earth, Water and Iron Cores directly as loot or by combining 5 Core Fragments of the respective element. By right-clicking on the Forest Core, a complete set of 5 different cores can be combined into multiple elemental cores. Bring them to Whakanui at the Collegium Arcane in Allemantheia to exchange them for rewards.

There are different ways to loot fragments and cores:

  • In dungeons and battleground quests from the Vanguard Initiative
  • From chests in Guardian Missions
  • While fishing
    • For logging in and your online time, you’ll also receive daily special Elemagnetic Shark Bait
    • Fish for fat sharks which have swallowed core fragments and cores with this bait


Using an Elemental Connection, you can fuse 4 elemental cores each into an Exoranium Bar. You can receive 1 Elemental Connection from Whakanui twice daily. Additional connections and cores can be found in the Tikat Shop.
You can bring your Exoranium to Huritau who will also be waiting for you in the Collegium Arcane in Allemantheia. She offers the exclusive title Elemental Master and other precious items.


During this special event you can naturally look forward to spectacular rewards! Highlights include:

  • Exclusive title: Elemental Master
  • Superior equipment crates with 2 random options guaranteed
  • +10 Enchantment Scroll (100%, up to level enchantment level +9)
  • Various tokens for option scrolls
  • Leap Scroll (Level 70), which takes you straight to level 70
  • Stamp: Copper, Silver or Gold Thalers
  • and much more

Beach Party

4th August 2020 (9:00 AM) to 1st September 2020 (9:00 AM)
Let your hair down at the beach of Ostgarath, or help in the arrangements for the Festival of the Sun – just like every summer, there’s plenty of cool loot to be had.

Double Dungeon Loot

8th August 2020 (midnight) to 9th August 2020 (11:59 PM)
During the event, your chances of loot in the following dungeons is doubled:

  • Gossamer Vault (Hard)
  • Antaroth’s Abyss
  • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
  • Draakon Arena (Normal/Hard)
  • Bahaar’s Sanctum
  • Corrupted Skynest (Normal/Hard)
  • Forbidden Arena
  • Commander’s Residence

Bonus Dungeon Entries

11th August 2020 (6:00 AM) to 18th August 2020 (5:59 AM)
More entries, more fun, more loot! During the event the number of daily dungeon entries will increase, giving you 3 additional entries to the following dungeons:

  • Corrupted Skynest (Hard)
  • Draakon Arena (Normal/Hard)
    You’ll also get 1 additional daily entry to the following dungeons:
  • Sea of Honor
  • Commander’s Residence

Triple Chance of Card Fragments

15th August 2020 (midnight) to 16th August 2020 (11:59 PM)
Complete your card fragment collection – you’ll have triple the odds of getting those missing pieces during the event.

Evil God’s Fragments

18th August 2020 (9:00 AM) to 15th September 2020 (9:00 AM)
Collect Evil God’s Fragments in Vanguard Initiative quests and the Ghillieglade to earn valuable rewards! These include option scrolls, protection scrolls and more.
You can exchange the fragments with Seghritto or Monta at the brokerage in Highwatch.

Low-cost dungeon entries

21st August 2020 (midnight) to 23rd August 2020 (11:59 PM)
Enter dungeons for fewer adventure coins:

  • Gossamer Vault (Hard) for 150 adventure coins (instead of 200)
  • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard) for 150 adventure coins (instead of 200)
  • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard) for 150 adventure coins (instead of 200)
  • Akalath Quarantine for 150 adventure coins (instead of 200)
  • Draakon Arena for 150 adventure coins (instead of 200)
  • Bahaar’s Sanctum for 200 adventure coins (instead of 250)
  • Corrupted Skynest for 200 adventure coins (instead of 250)
  • Forbidden Arena for 200 adventure coins (instead of 250)
  • Corrupted Skynest (Hard) for 200 adventure coins (instead of 250)
  • Draakon Arena (Hard) for 250 adventure coins (instead of 330)

Quest Boost

25th August 2020 (9:00 AM) to 1st September 2020 (8:59 AM)
You’ll earn double loot and Gold for Vanguard Initiative quests during the event period.

Better Enchantment Chances

29th August 2020 (midnight) to 30th August 2020 (11:59 PM)
Take advantage of the doubled increase to enchantment chances and reach that epic gear! The increased chances apply to the following items:

  • All relics
  • All halidoms


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