2/23/2021, 8 AM

Shop Update: Gardan’s Treasure

To coincide with the release of Patch 103, we’ve got a special offer lined up for you in the TERA Shop: Gardan’s Treasure!

Grab the treasure today and have a chance to pick up some magical enchanting materials. Using them you can further increase high enchantment level Kaia’s Soul gloves and shoes!

Open the chest with a Strongbox Key and receive one of the following cool items:

  • 20x/15x/10x/9x/8x Tyrant’s Belt
  • 30x/10x/7x/5x Tyrant’s Soul
  • 3x Trade Chest: Serghetto’s Gear Protector (100%)
  • 5x Trade Chest: Serghetto’s Gear Protector (70%)
  • 100x/20x/16x/10x/9x/8x Magic Ingots

Good luck upgrading and enchanting!


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