Update: Dipluce Horizon – Part 2

Dear SoulWorkers,

In the second Part of Dipluce Horizon there are new skills, districts and an increased maximum level to discover!

New Contents

The story continues in an exciting sequel and two other districts are waiting to be explored: “The Renegades” and “Holy Ground”.

The update also includes an additional skill for each character as well as a higher maximum level (from 63 to 65).


  • Improved Level-Up: Now you can reach level 58 (Grasscover Camp) by just playing the main story.

[8/4- 30/4/2020] Easter Event

The holiday of colourful eggs is at the door and you have the chance to win big in our Easter event:

Collect Eggshells

  • The Eggshells drop in districts and during raids.
  • Get Eggshells from Snow White Eggs (can be purchased from Yumi).
  • You can get 3 different Eggs from Mister-O-Mat which contain valuable items.

Recycle points

  • You can get change coupons from the Snow White Eggs (also available from Yumi for 15,000 Dzenai), which you can trade in for points in the Recycling Shop.

  • You can also receive change coupons by dismantling event costumes. With some luck, you’ll also find these coupons in a rare Supply Box in a district.

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The SoulWorker Team


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