12/10/2020, 9 AM

Update: Dipluce Horizon – Part 3

Dear SoulWorkers,

Dipluce Horizon continues in this latest update – containing not only Part 3 but also two additional exciting events to look forward to!

Dipluce Horizon – Part 3

Finally find out how the story continues in the latest gripping instalment that includes three new districts for you to conquer.

  • S-303 Shelter
  • Unholy House
  • Tower of Fate


Lonely Party

Tender snowflakes will teleport you to the ‘Lonely Party’. Presents big and small, as far as the eye can see! But Nita, Naomin and their minions seem to want to dash the festive plans.

  • Snowballs act as your entry to the Lonely Party map. You can get these from the Santa Grutin NPC in each town. You will need Snow Flower Crystals for these, which can be found in the districts and raids in all towns, including the Golden Citadel and Primal Park. (In Rucco Town you will find Snow Flower Crystals only in the raid.)

  • The harder the district you enter, the more Snow Flower Crystals can potentially land in your inventory.

  • You can enter the festive world 10 times a day.

  • The time limit is always 2 minutes 30 seconds.

  • Nita and Naomin’s minions only receive one damage point when you hit them.

As soon as you enter the Lonely Party map, you will find dozens of presents, large and small. Destroy them to get at their contents. While you try to do so, demons and the bosses Nita and Naomin will be hitting you with all they’ve got. The two leaders can, as with the presents, hold some particularly valuable items.

On top of all this, it pays to dish out the blows – every hit you land earns you dzenai!

*The event end will be announced later on.

Sprint Event

Why spend time contemplating when you can dash into the thick of the action? Take part in our Sprint Event and snap up amazing prizes.

Event Period: 01.01.2021 to 01.02.2021

This is how it works:

  • Click on the event symbol on the top-right, next to the minimap.
  • Complete the quests in the ‘Round 1’ tab and you will receive their stated rewards.
  • A new round will be activated every day.
  • You can complete quests from previous rounds at a later date during the event period, should you wish to.
  • There are a total of 6 rounds with 4 to 5 quests. If you manage to beat them all, you’ll receive an accessory or jewellery item of your choice from the Hidden Hideout series to reward your overall success.

Have loads of fun!
The SoulWorker Team


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