The New Servers Are Coming on 26.02!

As previously announced, on Friday February 26th (12:00 CET) we will proudly present to you two brand-new servers: one German and one international. Best of all: we’re giving you some awesome bonuses and fast leveling so you can really hit the ground running!

Be the First!

The new servers come with special rewards each time a challenge is completed for the first time.

There are also titles for unlocking achievements for the first time in your class or race, or in a party or dungeon. And you can also celebrate combo achievements, of course. But most important are the powerful buffs you’ll get along the way:

Powerful Buffs for Winners

There’s a total of 93 different titles for you to unlock, each of which comes with a powerful buff. These buffs are much more potent than the ones you are used to from the old servers—so title hunting really pays off!

What do you have to do? Achieve one or more of these objectives:

  • Be the first player on your server to reach level 55, 85, or 100.
  • Be the first player on your server and in your class to reach level 55, 85, or 100.
  • Be the first player on your server in your class and race to reach level 100.
  • Be the first player on your server to reach the highest qualification level of a crafting skill.
  • Be a member of the party that clears one of the following dungeons first:
  • Grotto of Horror
  • Tomb of Souls
  • Sun Temple of Eternal Sleep
  • Vale of Rites
  • Ice Blade Plateau
  • Pantheon

There are three different rewards for achievements in dungeons, depending on the selected difficulty level.

Special Event

From the very start there will be some awesome events on the new servers to make leveling up easier. Not only will be benefit from increased XP but also from many bonuses that you’ll be able to use to develop your skills faster than before!

In our Training Range special event, you’ll face off against multiple waves of nasty monsters. For each wave you beat, you’ll receive experience points and you’ll be able to choose one of several reward chests. The first entry each day is free—and you’ll be able to buy additional entries, of course.

Reward Chests

You can choose one of five chests: each chest contains a random item from these categories:

  • Pets
  • Zodiac Pets and Draco Pets
  • Cenedrils
  • Titles
  • Badges of the Trial

Powerful Boosts

Start you hero’s journey on one of the two new servers and level up fast! Be there from the beginning as the servers are launching with a 200% bonus on XP and TP, and a 100% bonus on item drops. Even when these bonuses are scaled back at a later date, you’ll still be able to count on bonuses on these servers, all of which exceed the perks of the old servers!

This is our boost roadmap on the new servers for the coming weeks:

  1. Flower Festival: +200% XP and TP, and +100% loot
  2. Anniversary Festival: +150% XP and TP, and +75% loot
  3. Spring Rain Festival: +100% XP and TP, and +50% loot
  4. Music Festival: +50% XP and TP, and +25% loot

Possibility to Switch

If in spite of all the benefits you still wish to switch back to one of the old servers, you will be able to do so once you reach level 85. Our new gear sets will help you reach this level quickly. To switch you’ll need the server transfer item, which will be added as a reward in the special event shortly after release - and it will also be available in the shop.

Big Shop Changes

  • You can also look forward to our newly built equipment sets, which you can get for levels 35, 55, 60, 70, and 80, helping you reach your goal faster than ever before!
  • Universal Jewels are now available in the shop, and the chance of failure when upgrading has been drastically reduced.
  • Lots of new products and tweaks.

So, start on your new server right away and level up to rake in those titles!

Wishing you lots of fun!
The RoM Team


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