Guide: Tattoo System

This update will get under your skin! In NosTale Act 7, you can visit Churisgo on Moritius and have her give you a magical tattoo. You’ll feel the extra power boost immediately!

Tattooing has a long tradition on the island of Moritius. The orcs pay homage to the god of wild animals with their skin art, who in turn bestows special blessings on the bearer of the tattoos in the form of special abilities. Churisgo is a true master of this traditional art.

You can choose between tattoos from these 4 categories:

  • Bear Loa
  • Lion Loa
  • Eagle Loa
  • Snake Loa

How it works:

  • Visit NPC Churisgo in the village on the island of Moritius.
  • Talk to the orc Churisgo.
  • You require materials with which to craft a tattoo pattern.
  • Use the tattoo pattern to choose one of the tattoo categories.
  • You’ll receive a random tattoo which grants you a passive ability. There are 8 different tattoos in each category.
  • Your character can have up to two tattoos. These must be from different categories, however.
  • You can also ask Churisgo to touch up an existing tattoo and strengthen the ability it provides. As this is a difficult procedure, the result may be successful, unsuccessful or a major failure. Failure results in the strength of the effect dropping by 1.
  • Each tattoo can be strengthened up to 9 times.

Please note: Materials are required for each step up to a complete tattoo (creating the pattern, adding the tattoo and strengthening it).
If you prefer to remove a tattoo or want to protect it from failure when strengthening it, you can buy special items in the NosMall.

May the orc gods smile upon you!
The NosTale Team


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