[12/2–26/2] Wizard of Noz Chest

Experience a world of magic inside the Wizard of Noz Chest! You’ll find one of many fantastic items inside this random box. With a bit of good fortune, you’ll get your hands on the Wizard of Noz Set which will transform you into a sturdy tin man or a ruby-shoed adventurer.
Altogether the set grants you +15% shadow resistance, +5% to all attacks, max. HP +1,000, movement speed +1, plus an additional +1 movement speed as a set effect.

The box is available from 12th to 26th February.

The Wizard of Noz Chest contains one of these surprises:

  • 1x Wizard of Noz Set (Costume and Hat)
  • 1x Fairy Wings
  • 1x Mother Nature’s Rune Pack
  • 8x Ancelloan’s Blessing
  • 80x Cylloan Spring Water
  • 10x Lower SP Protection Scroll
  • 10x Higher SP Protection Scroll
  • 8x Fairy Booster
  • 4x Tarot Card Game
  • 40x Sealed Vessel
  • 4x Treasure Chest Skeleton Key
  • 16x Fairy Experience Potion

Have a great time in the wonderful world of Noz!
The NosTale Team