[25.03. - 01.04.] NosTalgia Day

Hey NosPlayer,

Did you know that 26th March is ‘Make up your own Holiday Day’? You didn’t? – We just found out ourselves!
We have to rise to the occasion! Effective immediately, 26th March 2020 is officially ‘NosTalgia Day’. To celebrate in accordance with new traditions, we’ve dug out the old NosVille map from the archive, dusted it off and set up a portal leading there in the new NosVille.
Unfortunately, a group of pesky Kovolts has caught wind of our party preparations and constructed a labyrinth around the entrance to rain on our parade.
Frightful dangers await you in the labyrinth. Can you still complete the maze and make it to the first official NosTalgia Day on time for the festivities?

You have from 25th March until 1st April to overcome the challenges. Only the bravest who dare make this perilous journey can look forward to a little nostalgic reward.

We wish you loads of fun and a happy NosTalgia Day!

The NosTale Team