1/13/2021, 8 AM

Event: Exclusive Costumes in Sealed Vessels

Mysterious Sealed Vessels are circulating around the world of NosTale. Surrounded by a magical aura, only parties of experienced adventurers should dare open them, as these otherwise unremarkable vessels contain the most wicked of creatures, banished by wise mages.

The brave – or the foolish – who nevertheless rise to the challenge to liberate and defeat the evil creature inside one of these Sealed Vessels have a chance of being rewarded with a treasure chest. These contain fantastic items from the NosMall!

With a dollop of good fortune, you could pick up the Death Lancer Set, the Death Lancer Murderwings, the Small Ice Witch, the Ice Witch Costume Set, the Ice Witch Costume Wings or the ‘Liberator’ title.

Event Period: From 13th January (11 AM CET) to 27th January (9 AM CET)


  • Death Lancer Murderwings: Grant 10% more damage to monsters from Sealed Vessels and 5% more damage to monsters in the Land of Death.
  • Death Lancer Set: Slightly increases your movement speed and provides a 2% chance to inflict Hand of Death on your enemies when attacking.
  • Liberator: The title provides +5% damage to monsters from Sealed Vessels.

How the Event Works

  • Pick up a Sealed Vessel from the NosMall, NosWheel or NosBazaar.
  • Rally your friends/family together and steel yourselves for a tough fight.
  • Open the Sealed Vessel summoning one of 20 monsters.
  • The higher the monster’s level, the greater the chance of collecting a treasure chest.

Things to Know

  • The Sealed Vessels can be opened on any map, with the exceptions of those detailed below.
  • Sealed Vessels cannot be opened in the capitals (NosVille, Port Alveus, Sunset Cliff).
  • Only 11 Sealed Vessels can be active simultaneously on the following maps: NosVille Meadows, Mine Plains, Sunny Meadows, Fernon Outpost, Western Mine (all maps), Northern Mine (all maps), Fernon Temple (all maps) and Fernon’s Hideout (all maps).
  • The event will be repeated in future with another unique reward.

Your Loot

In addition to the treasure chest, the following items may drop after defeating the monster:

  • 1x Death Lancer Set
  • 1x Death Lancer
  • 1x Death Lancer Murderwings
  • 1x Liberator
  • 1x Small Ice Witch
  • 1x Ice Witch Costume Set
  • 1x Ice Witch Costume Wings
  • 2x Wings of Friendship
  • 1x Tarot Card Game
  • 5x Fairy Experience Potion
  • 20x Perfume
  • 20x Huge Recovery Potion
  • 10x Cylloan Spring Water
  • 40x Seed of Power
  • 10x Guardian Angel’s Blessing
  • 1x Special Pet Food
  • 1x Guardian Lucifer’s Specialist Partner Card
  • 1x Sheriff Chloe’s Specialist Partner Card
  • 1x Archdaemon Amon’s Specialist Partner Card

Enjoy the monster hunt!
The NosTale Team