Purest Pixie Costume and Partner Yertirand

Is it dark and stormy out there? Then spread a little light as a pixie in NosTale! Open the new Pixie Magic Random Box and you may get a fabulous Pixie Costume. Or do you prefer a bit of mystery? Then the partner Yertirand is the one for you!

Let fortune smile and pick up the Pixie Costume Set, Yertirand’s Key or one of the other amazing items from the Pixie Magic Random Box – simply pay a visit to the NosMall:

  • 1x Pixie Costume Set
  • 1x Yertirand’s Key
  • 1x Mother Nature’s Rune Pack
  • 6x Ancelloan’s Blessing
  • 120x Huge Recovery Potion
  • 15x Partner Medicine
  • 8x Fairy Booster
  • 5x Tarot Card Game
  • 30x Sealed Vessel
  • 5x Treasure Chest Skeleton Key
  • 12x Fairy Experience Potion

Wake the pixie within!
The NosTale Team


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