9/24/2020, 9 AM

[24–26/09] NosMerchant Medal for 30% Off

‘Going once, going twice… sold, to the winged lady in the kimono!’ The auctioneer at the NosBazaar brings his hammer crashing down on the poor table with a loud ‘BANG!’
Next to him, the seller rubs his hands in joy. Finally, he’s freed up that slot and can list another item for sale!

But then something happens in the crowd. An excited murmur spreads from person to person like a contagious secret. Pricking up his ears, he manages to snatch a few words being whispered: ‘NosMerchant Medal’, ‘30% discount’, ‘from 24th to 26th September’.

‘Eureka!’ he cries inwardly, going over all the medal’s advantages in his mind while heading straight for the NosMall to pick up the precious item:

  • Access to the NosBazaar from general maps at any time
  • No sales fees
  • Longer sales period for listed items (up to 30 days)
  • Reduced listing fees
  • Up to 100 listed items
  • Larger total amount for sale of goods (up to 100,000,000 Gold)

He enters the NosMall with a jubilant smile on his face, and there it lies: the beautiful gleaming NosMerchant Medal.

Are you a born trader with a passion for fantastic bargains? Then check out the NosMall today!

The NosTale Team