9/9/2020, 9 AM

Guide: Infinite Celestial Spire Rankings

The update’s here, bringing with it a new challenge for you!
How good do you think you are? Battle your way up the Infinite Celestial Spire and earn your spot under the best combatants in the new rankings table. Depending on your final place, you could get your hands on some great rewards.
We’ve also reworked the spire’s difficulty and given your inventory an upgrade. Read up on all the gory details in this guide:



Your ranking is primarily based on the highest level you’ve managed to complete in the Infinite Celestial Spire. The second criterion is then the time you needed to complete the level, and finally your level in the spire (to which your champion level is added).
Ranking Details:

  • There’s a different table for each class
  • You automatically qualify if you complete at least one level of the spire
  • Rankings are reset at 5:00 AM (CEST) on the first day of every month, removing all previous rankings
  • The lists are updated daily at 3:00 AM (CEST)
  • You receive rewards for top places when the ranking lists are reset. Rewards are sent by parcel

Ranking Overview

You can see the full lists in the Celestial Spire Rankings and Rewards List menus. Simply click on the new buttons Season Reward and Ranking Info to open up the respective window.


Rewards depend on your spot in the rankings, with different rewards for 1st place, 2nd/3rd place, 4th–10th place, 11th–20th place and 21st–30th place. Each reward consists of a treasure chest containing a certain amount of gold, fame and Infinity Coins.
Check the overview in the game to see a complete list of rewards.

Celestial Spire Shop Items

You can use your Infinity Coins to purchase the following items in the Celestial Spire:

  • Golden Celestial Spire Chest
  • Spirit King Gloves (Replica)
  • Ancient Beast Gloves (Replica)
  • Ancient Beast Shoes (Replica)
  • Spirit King Shoes (Replica)

Inventory Update

After the update you’ll find a new button in the inventory for sorting your items. Simply click the button to activate it. Please note that you cannot use the sorting feature while trading.

Difficulty Adjustment

Too difficult? We’ve gone and reduced the overall difficulty of the spire, and updated some of the levels for a smoother gaming experience. There’s now nothing stopping you from conquering the Infinite Celestial Spire – show ‘em who’s boss!

Wow, are you still reading this? Well you couldn’t be better prepared for the new competition in the Infinite Celestial Spire. Go get ‘em! Have fun!
The NosTale Team