10/28/2019, 11 PM

Update 19.6 – Under the Spell of the Dragon King

It’s time to rally your allies to your cause and confront the Dragon King! New guild system contents and elemental enchantments for your weapons are at the heart of the latest update.
Here’s what you can look forward to:

Palace of the Dragon King

This instance will put your guild to the test! Courageous guild leaders can put together different materials to craft a Royal Key, which will allow the Medal Keeper to create a Dragon Portal, bringing your guild to the palace. The level of your guild will determine the difficulty of the enemies you face, as well as the identity of the mighty Dragon King. Will you survive and return from the battle with glorious loot?

New Guild Levels

Broaden your horizons and aim even higher – from now on your guild can progress to reach level 40! In order to do this, your guild will need either Yang or Donation Tickets as soon as you reach guild level 20. You can donate up to three times per day.

Attendance Reward

Have you already played Metin2 today? Then register your attendance in the guild window once per day, and earn Medals of Bravery in return! The more days you attend in a row, the more medals you will receive. These can be exchanged for materials for elemental enchantment from the Medal Keeper.

Elemental Enchantment

Make your weapons even more effective with elemental power! As soon as you’ve upgraded your weapon to level +7, you can add an elemental enchantment. For this you’ll need some Yang, plus a scroll which can be obtained from the Medal Keeper. You can only choose one element for each weapon, and there are three levels of elemental enchantment.

Look forward to the next update with a ton of guild action!

Have fun,
The Metin2 Team


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