Valentine’s Day Event: Get Your Items

Smother your friends and loved ones with kisses and give them all a big hug. It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day in our special event with roses, loving pets, cuddly items and a spin of Valentine’s Wheel! Share the love, pick up sweet loot, and take the opportunity to show everyone how much they mean to you!

The Valentine’s Day Event

  • Starts: 6th February 2020 at 2 PM
  • Ends: 27th February 2020

Drops and Rewards

Monsters will drop red roses or chocolate which you can either exchange for great rewards or pass on to your loved ones – simply right-click on the hero of your desires to hand over your gift.

Alluring Shop Offers

Lovely items such as the Amulet of Eternal Love or Chocolate Amulet, or the Heart Sash which can be upgraded and kitted out with bonuses from your equipment just like other shoulder sashes.
Plus you can give the Playful Loverador or Clumsy Loverador a new caring home. Combine them with other Valentine’s Day items and you can unlock cool set bonuses:

  • Loverador + Heart Sash (custom): +50% EXP
  • Loverador + Heart Sash (custom) + Amulet of Eternal Love: +100% EXP; +3% strength against monsters
  • Loverador + Heart Sash (custom) + Chocolate Amulet: +100% EXP; +5% strength against monsters

Sweet Hearts of Stone

The Metin stones will look especially sweet for the event – the tastiest temptation in the demonic rocks’ existence!

Spin Valentine’s Wheel

To coincide with the event, there’ll be a new wheel full of great surprises, where you can pick up hot items such as the Heart Sash.

  • Starts: 7th February 2020
  • Ends: 24th February 2020

May Cupid’s arrows strike true…

Enjoy the event!
The Metin2 Team