4/7/2020, 6 AM

Let’s #PlayApartTogether

People all over the world continue to combat COVID-19 by staying home and practising social distancing. At the moment, physical distance is our greatest weapon against the virus. It is therefore crucial, that everyone does their part by staying home to save lives.

Online games help players around the globe to endure the crisis by offering a little distraction and making it possible to safely stay in touch, play and have fun with friends at home.
To celebrate World Health Day, Metin2 and Gameforge are joining the WHO initiative #PlayApartTogether and offering exciting events until Easter Monday!

Join us, get your free Face Mask from the shop and gear up with First Aid Boxes from the drop event. We can have a good, safe time together at home.

Stay safe!
The Metin2 Team


7/4 to 13/4

  • Gift in the item shop, 1x per account
    • Face Mask
  • Daily gifts in the item shop
    • 1x Pet Frank
    • 4x Book of the Leader+
  • There is also a Face Mask+ in the item shop
  • Drop Event for First Aid Boxes

You’ll find one of the following items in the First Aid Box:

  • Aura Ice Rune
  • Experience Ring (1h)
  • Moon Elixir (E)
  • Sun Elixir (E)
  • Sun Elixir (M)
  • Moon Elixir (M)
  • Peach Flower Wine XL
  • Blessing of the Dragon
  • Blessing of Life
  • Blessing Scroll
  • Peach Flower Wine