3/12/2020, 3 PM

Server Merges

Dear Community,

It’s time to join forces and explore the world together! Thanks to our regional clustering system, we’re now ready to proceed with the long-awaited server merges, fusing them together and bringing Metin2’s players even closer. Meet new allies and discover fresh rivals!

The server merges will take place from 17th to 19th March 2020.

Server Merges

The following servers are being merged:

17th March 2020

  • Romania (RO) + Jawa (PL) → Carpathians (Eastern European Cluster)
  • Aegon (ES) + Titania (DE) → Columba (Western European Cluster)
  • Rubinum (RO) + Rubinum (CZ) + Rubinum (HU) + Rubinum (PL) → Corundum (Eastern European Cluster)
  • Rubinum (DE) + Rubinum (ES) + Rubinum (FR) + Rubinum (IT) + Rubinum (PT) → Anima (Western European Cluster)

18th March 2020

  • Sancak (TR) + Destan (TR) + Rubinum (TR) → Ege
  • Gunhan (TR) + Avrasya (TR) + Asena (TR) → Ezel
  • Dodurga (TR) + Saruhan (TR) → Barbaros
  • بتّار (AE) + Rubinum (AE) → العالم العربي

19th March 2020

  • Nemesis (RO) + Orion (RO) → Țara Românească (Eastern European Cluster)
  • Diumar (PL) + Etolin (PL) → Polska (Eastern European Cluster)
  • Hidra (ES) + Ascarion (ES) → España (Western European Cluster)
  • Universalis (EN) + Wodan (NL) + Sinuab (DK) → Europa (Western European Cluster)

After the merge maintenance, you can decide for yourself when you want to proceed with your merge. As soon as you log in the first time, you’ll automatically be placed in the queue to be merged.

How to Prepare

Please read the FAQ in advance to prepare yourself properly for the merge. The most important details are summarised below:


No characters will be deleted. All the characters belonging to an account will be transferred.

Kingdom Swap Event

If you had characters in different kingdoms before the merge, they will be assigned to the same kingdom (chosen at random) on the merged server. If you’re unhappy with your new home, take advantage of the Kingdom Swap Event after the merge. For 30 days you can find the NPC Heuk-Young standing around in the first town. Talk to him and get one free transfer to another kingdom per account.


All items and gear in your storage, inventory or which you currently have equipped will be transferred to your item shop storeroom during the merge.
If you were in the process of having a 6th or 7th bonus added to your gear by an NPC, you’ll receive any gear and materials you left with them in the item shop storeroom. If you used any additives, you’ll get back a number of Small Additives equivalent to the percentage value.

Pet System

To minimise risks with your evolvable pets, we recommend that you feed them and place them in a Transport Box in time for the merge. Afterwards you can collect them from the item shop storeroom.

Guilds and Guild Territory

All guild members excluding the leader will be removed from the guild and have to join again after the merge, assuming they are in the same kingdom.

All guild territory will be redistributed after the merge. To ensure everyone has a fair chance to bid for the best locations, you can take part in an event directly after the merge:

  • Between 13th and 31st March (11:59 PM), bosses and Metin stones will drop Land Certificates
  • Collect as many certificates as possible and place them in your guild bank
  • On 1st April we’ll count up how many certificates each guild has in their guild bank
  • During April, the guild territory will be parcelled out according to the number of certificates; the more certificates, the better. More details regarding this will be released later


Unfortunately all marriages will be annulled without exception. The Engagement Ring and Yang payment will be refunded.

Have fun on the new server!
The Metin2 Team