7/15/2020, 12 PM

Hot Server Launches with the World Boss Event

Get ready for battle – the new servers are about to launch with very special settings. This has never happened before! The brand new world boss event is waiting for you with rankings, the permanent Flower Power Event, dangerous monsters and much more.

Server Launch: Friday, 17th July

These servers are opening their gates:

  • Azrael (Western European Cluster)
  • Polyphemos (Eastern European Cluster)
  • Bagjanamu (TR)

More Security and a Gift

You can confirm your account with the new two-factor authentication for more security. Simply download the free Gameforge Authenticator App, log in with your Gameforge account data and the action on the new server can begin!
If you secure your account with this method, you’ll receive a gift from us on the new server. After authentication, you can simply pick up the gift in the item shop.

Special Events

These special settings await you on the new servers:

  • Stronger monsters: the health and damage of most monsters has been increased. We’ve turned up the heat by giving them 30% more health and 20% higher damage.
  • Yang shortage: you won’t find any yang when looting monsters except for Yang bombs. Bye-bye, inflation!
  • Permanent Flower Power Event: collect bags of seeds and combine the shoots from them for flowers with strong buff effects.
  • Kingdom-specific drop boosts: the item drop rate will be increased by 25% at the beginning for each kingdom – adjustments will be made depending on the development of the population. If you’re brave and join a less populated kingdom, you can expect a greater drop boost.
  • World Boss Event: hunt down the boss, defeat it and win fantastic loot! After the initial attacks on the world, the boss has to recuperate and is therefore easier to defeat – so the sooner you start the search, the easier it will be to collect points.
  • EXP boost: if you want to kill world bosses, you have to be prepared – up to level 40 you will progress 2.5x faster than usual, from level 41 it will still be double the speed as normal, and from level 81 to level 100 you still receive 1.5x the EXP!
  • Seasonal rankings: the better you do during the world boss event, the higher your position in the ranking – the same applies to your guild. The highest-ranked players of the season can expect great prizes. Tip: Since each kingdom has its own rankings, your chances of reaching a higher rank increase if there is less competition.
  • Tiger Coin Shop: you can earn Tiger Coins in the world boss event which you can spend on every server in the same cluster. It’s also a great opportunity to boost your other characters!

The World Boss Event

Defeat world bosses in a neutral zone and receive rewards! Whether it’s Bagjanamu, General Outis, Azrael, Dragon Watcher Idall or The Great Ogre – these giants are a challenge to whole legions of courageous players.

Here's What's in Store

A world boss will appear at a random point in time during the event. You will receive a server message about the area being terrorised by the boss. You must defeat the world boss to receive a reward. Meanwhile, the damage you inflict is recorded.

If your character inflicts at least the minimum damage required and the boss is defeated, you will receive loot based on your rank in the damage ranking. But be warned – to receive the reward, you must still be on the same map when the boss is defeated.

If the world boss escapes, the damage counter is reset and nobody receives the loot – so give it your all and bring down the beast before it can retreat!


The more damage you inflict on the world boss, the higher you’ll stand in the rankings for that boss. Earn a high ranking for better loot – and a better ranking for you and your guild on the Metin2 website!

  • Places 1-10: Loot Level I
  • Places 11-25: Loot Level II
  • Places 26-100: Loot Level III
  • Places 100+ but with having inflicted the minimum amount of damage: Loot Level IV

IMPORTANT: you must pick up your reward before the next world boss appears in the event banner or else it will be lost.

Rankings on the Website

You receive rank points for your place in the world boss rankings. All players’ rank points will be published on the Metin2 website and updated every day at midnight, so you can see each day how high you’ve climbed in the rankings. Each kingdom has two rankings of its own: one for characters and one for guilds.

Tip: Start your hunt for the world boss as soon as possible, because shortly after the server launch, the world bosses are still disorientated and respectively easier to defeat – you can quickly earn a few points this way.

How many points you receive depends on your loot level from the in-game rankings of the world boss event:

  • Loot Level I: 10 points
  • Loot Level II: 5 points
  • Loot Level III: 2 points
  • Loot Level IV: 1 point

Plus, your guild will also receive just as many points for the website rankings. If a player leaves their guild, the points the earned for the guild ranking remain with this guild. Should a player like to join a new guild, they must restart the hunt, because joining a guild alone will not automatically add new points to the guild.
You can only receive Rewards from the guild rankings if you were a member of the guild by the time the prizes were sent out and have earned at least one point for this guild.

A season lasts 8 weeks. Ranking rewards are sent out at the end of each season. The top 25 spots of each kingdom and the 3 best guilds of each kingdom receive rewards. We will announce further details at a later time.

Have fun on the new server!
The Metin2 Team