9/8/2020, 12 PM

Conquerors of Yohara – These Are the New Features

It Is Time – The New Continent Appears on the Horizon and You Can Conquer It! A whole range of new, action-packed features await you in the large Metin2 expansion Conquerors of Yohara. You can find more details about the new contents here.
Our guide provides you all the details about starting out on the new continent and how to get there.

Here’s what’s in store:

Champion Levels

Level 120 is not enough! You can become Champions on the new continent and ascend through 30 new levels. You can only collect the experience points for this on the new Yohara maps.
Champion Levels are displayed above your head in blue. This lets you instantly know who has already begun their Champion’s journey. You want to know more? You can find all the details in our guide.

New Character Stats

Sung Ma’s Will

As a Champion you can improve one of your four new stats with each full EXP marble. This is how you improve your Sung Ma’s will in the four attributes RES, INT, VIT and STR. Each monster and every map on the new continent has corresponding stats, because the will of the dark Demon God, Sung Mahi, is omnipresent here.
If your Sung Ma’s will stats are too low, you move slower (RES), have more trouble killing monsters (STR), experience deductions to your HP (VIT) and are more susceptible to negative status effects (INT). The higher your Sung Ma’s will, the better your chances against the monsters and the faster you can move.
You can find all the details about the new stats in our guide.


Precision is the stat which reflects how reliably you can hit the monsters on the new continent. You can also develop the corresponding new skill or equip corresponding equipment.

New Maps

Prove your skills in the Abandoned Fortress, on the Dong Gwang Plain, in the Seo Gwang Wastelands and the Nam Gwang Chasm! New demonic foes, familiar allies and exciting quests await you on every map.
Sung Mahi’s minions are also constantly erecting new outposts to secure the demon god’s control over the land. Destroy the outposts before they can all be finished to thwart Sung Mahi’s reign of terror which also influences your own stats!

New Guild Territories

You will find new guild territories on the Dong Gwang Plain. Some buildings can only be constructed here which you require to use the new systems like refining jadite ore. What’s special: it’s not the fastest to bid who gets the guild territory but the highest bidder! If you place your bid in the land auction at the right time as a guild leader, with some luck, you can get one of the desired territories for your guild.
But beware: to keep it, you must pay the lease regularly. If you don’t pay enough Yang after 9 days, the land will automatically be abandoned and auctioned off again.
The old guild territories will also be distributed according to the new principle. Land which has already been developed by guilds will remain in their possession after the update, however. Remember to pay for this land on time, or else it will be put up for auction. You have 9 days time after the update to pay.

Powerful 9th Skill for Each Class

Storm Shot, Death Wave or Aether Ward? A new mighty skill is available for every discipline on their adventure to Yohara, which you can learn after becoming a Champion. Of course you can put the 9th skill to good use outside the new continent as well.

To learn the ability, you need the matching books for your discipline. You also need Talent Potions to improve them. With some luck, you can loot the skill books from monster or the Metin stones on Yohara. You can get Talent Potions from Metin stones or boss monsters on the new continent and in Sung Mahi Tower.


Gnoll Caves

The Gnoll Caves are a dark dungeon on the Dong Gwang Plain full of wild monsters. You need a Passage Ticket to enter. Can you make your way through all three zones of the maze and defeat the boss? The deeper you delve into the caves, the stronger your Sung Ma’s will should be. You can expect rewards such as crafting materials for gloves and Skull Banners which you need to enter the tower.

Sung Mahi Tower

In this hellish tower, Sung Mahi puts the most capable fighters among you to the test: 50 levels with 3 rooms each will test all of your skills – and you’re completely alone. But not only will you have to prove your strength in battle, but your wits and speed will also be put to the test: each room has tricky tasks for you to overcome. Rewards are granted for every completed level.
You can find additional details about this very special dungeon in our guide. Can you climb the tower?

New Biologist Quests

Chaegirab the biologist is also relentlessly continuing his research on the new continent. Help him with his research by collecting Metin Crystals, Purified Cores and Shadowferns –you can expect permanent bonuses to your Sung Ma’s will as a reward!

New Items


Raising your Champion Level and completing quests aren’t the only ways to improve your Sung Ma’s will – new talismans and Spirit Stones also strengthen you for battle. For individual bonuses you can create necklaces, earrings and bracelets from new materials which you can mine from jadite ore veins on Yohara.
The new equipment can also be further enchanted and improved as before, of course.


During the main quest sequence, you can receive a Glove Licence which unlocks your new equipment slot. From this point on, you can wear gloves which strengthen your Sung Ma’s will and can be fitted with mighty Spirit Stones.

Soul Relics

With Soul Relics you can achieve great bonuses which aren’t linked to your equipment but to your character directly. If you find a Sword Soul, Protection Soul, Jewellery Soul and Light Soul from quests on the new continent and combine them with a class-specific Soul Relic from Chaegirab, you can enjoy additional bonuses for up to 12 hours. After the time runs out, you must recharge the Soul Relic with matching souls to use it again.

You can find an overview of your Soul Relic and its bonuses under a new tab in your character profile. The bonuses would also be especially useful in battles in the old world.

Random Stats

All equipment items which are newly dropped after the update have random stats instead of a fixed attack value or a fixed attack speed per weapon type, for example. This means apparently identical items can differ in their essential aspects and offer you the option to further optimise your equipment.

Are you already as excited as we are? There’s so much to discover! We wish you loads of fun during your conquest of the new continent!
The Metin2 Team