9/10/2020, 10 AM

Win Valuable Chests in the Okey Event!

From 10/9/2020 (2 PM) to 2/10/2020 (11:59 PM CEST) you have the chance to play our minigame based off the Turkish game Okey. Before you can start, you have to put together a card set. Then, with some luck and smart moves, you can earn points to receive valuable prizes. So what are you waiting for? Let's play!

The Okey Game

Defeat monsters to receive cards. Once you've collected and stacked 24 okey cards, you automatically receive an Okey Card Set and can start playing. Before you start a game, make sure you have a set and also 30,000 Yang.

The aim of the game is to create a combination of groups and runs:

  • A group consists of cards of the same value (e.g. 7, 7, 7). The lower the cards' values, the fewer points you receive for it.
  • A run consists of at least three cards with consecutive numbers (e.g. 6, 7, 8). The lower the cards' values, the fewer points you receive for it. Runs of the same colour earn you more points than runs of several colours.


After finishing a game, your prizes are delivered directly to your inventory. The chests contain high-quality and useful items for your hero – for example: the Ring of Deadly Power, Cor Draconis (Mystical) and many more!


You want to be known as a winner? Then try to beat the highscore! This gives you the chance to win more chests. You can check the highscore at the Okey Table. The prizes for achieving the highscore can then be collected after the end of the event:

  • For 1st place you receive 10x Golden Okey Chest.
  • For 2nd place you receive 5x Golden Okey Chest.
  • For 3rd place you receive 3x Golden Okey Chest.
  • 4th to 10th place receive 1x Golden Okey Chest.

Game Instructions

  1. Left-click on the stack of cards to uncover the first 5 cards.
  2. Earn points by selecting 3 cards. (Please note: Left-click = select card, right-click = permanently discard card)
  3. The more points you have earned by the end of the game, the bigger your prize.


  1. You can interrupt your game at any time by pressing the "ESC" or "X" key. Changing maps or teleporting will end the current game!
  2. A discarded card cannot be restored, so decide wisely!
  3. A cancelled game will not be refunded! Decide whether the location of the game is right in advance.
  4. The Okey Table will disappear from the game 7 days after the end of the event. Until then you can have a look at the contents of the Okey Chests. Rewards that are not picked up will expire and will not be refunded.

Have fun and good luck!
The Metin2 Team