5/27/2020, 7 AM

Update 20.2 – Power of the Cards

Time for new action-packed battles! In the next big update, discover the card achievement system. Plus you’ll also receive two powerful new skills suited to the reworked leadership skill for playing in groups. There will also be some convenient improvements to Auto-Hunting.

Here's what's in store:

Card Achievements

Collect Monster Cards and profit from strong bonuses – with the update you can receive great boosts from combining certain cards.
You can access the new system via the Monster Card window (keyboard shortcut “J” in the standard setting) Collecting the cards works exactly as it did before. However, you can now use up your cards to claim achievements or upgrade. To do so, collect all the cards of an achievement list with enough stars.
Once an achievement is claimed, you can activate it any time to take advantage of its bonus. The more stars an achievement has the strong its effect will be. There are dungeon achievements and open world achievements for the open world.
You can choose which achievement bonus you want to activate, but there is a maximum limit to the number of bonuses which can be activated. All activated bonuses apply to all of an account’s characters across the server.

Leadership and New Skills

Will you be inspired by your leader’s latest lofty goals – or are you, yourself, the charismatic leader? With the new skills Charisma and Inspiration either could be the case! The skills are available for characters of any class and can be improved with the familiar skill Leadership using books. The Leadership skill has also been improved.


You can now assign roles to your group members starting at level 5 instead of level 10 as before. And you also have access to all the roles from the beginning – however, the number of players you can give roles to is limited, and the number of duplicate roles you can assign at one time increases with your skill level.


This skill helps you when you are leading a group. It reflects back a portion of the bonuses to you for the different roles you assigned to your group members. If you assign a group member as a blocker, for example, not only the HP of the blocker increases, but so does your own to a smaller extent.
The bonuses you win increase with your charisma level and the size of your group – the higher your level in charisma and the larger the group, the more you will receive of the respective leader bonuses.
You can increase this skill with books:

  • Book 1: Charisma of a Rookie – available from Metin stones
  • Book 2: Charisma of an Adept – available in Redux dungeons, Nemere’s Watchtower and in the Zodiac Temple
  • Book 3: Charisma of an Expert – can be crafted by Baek-Go in the city


This skill is useful if you are assigned a role by the leader. It increases the bonuses you earn through the role. The better developed your inspiration is, the stronger the bonuses you receive this way.
This means that an attacker who has already gained a number of levels in this skill will benefit more from this role than someone who hasn’t levelled up this skill.
You can increase your inspiration with books:

  • Book 1: Inspiration of a Rookie – available from Metin stones
  • Book 2: Inspiration of an Adept – available in Redux dungeons, Nemere’s Watchtower and in the Zodiac Temple
  • Book 3: Inspiration of an Expert – can be crafted by Baek-Go in the city

Convenient Auto-Hunting

Numerous improvements make for an efficient, care-free Auto-Hunting experience – during Auto-Hunting, your character is better at finding their way to the target, gets stuck less and attacks the closest enemies first. Not even Metin stones are safe from it now!
You will now find more slots for potions and skills in the premium version. Additional items like the Bravery Cape, for example, can now be used automatically. A new automatic resurrection feature rounds off this comfort pack.

Look forward to the next update with us!

Have fun,
The Metin2 Team