Curse of the Serpent Queen

The conquest of Yohara is moving into the second round – with the upcoming update Metin2 will receive new content and two exciting dungeons which aren’t only brimming with action but are also full of secrets:

You can look forward to a thrilling challenge in the brand new Serpent Temple and the associated Serpent equipment which grants you bonuses to make you more powerful than ever. Also gain access to the recently added mysterious dungeon you can explore and farm at your leisure.

The Secret of the Serpent Temple

There’s a rumour circulating around the three kingdoms that Sung Mahi’s forces are using a strategically advantageous location as their new stronghold. The ruler over the Serpent Temple, Queen Nethis, one of the most loyal and dangerous confidants of the dark demon god, has therefore left Sung Mahi’s Tower in the Seo Gwang Wastelands to shore up the position in the Serpent Temple.

There are supposedly powerful treasures hidden deep below the mysterious Serpent Temple. People also say that the temple was constructed long before Yohara’s discovery to ward off an ancient curse spoken by one of the Demon Kings during the great war with the dragon.

The occupants of the temple fell victim to this devastating curse when the wrath of the Demon King transformed them into serpentine creatures. The villagers working in the fields nearby were also not spared and unwilling joined the ranks of the bloodthirsty snake beings.

The heroes of the three kingdoms are now challenged with breaking the curse and recovering the hidden treasures of the Serpent Temple. But be careful not to fall victim to the sinister transformation yourself. Anyone who spends too much time in the vicinity of the temple will inevitably be affected by the curse: innocent people first grew scales, then venom sacks and finally fangs.

Serpent Queen Nethis will have a hellish reception waiting for warriors foolhardy enough to barge into the temple. But arduously conquering the Serpent Temple is only the beginning of a great trial which will test the heroes of the three kingdoms…