11/5/2020, 11 PM

Update 20.5 – New Era in Trading

You can look forward to a new update which introduces new Personal Premium Shops. This will usher in a new era in trading in Metin2 – improved, more profitable and super easy to use!

Your Personal Premium Shop Is On Its Way

Now you can sell your goods automatically and even while you’re offline! To get started, you just need a Personal Premium Shop from the Metin2 shop. Keep your eyes peeled during events as you might be able to find the new shop here as well.

The Personal Premium Shop is available as a buff only for a limited time. While activated, you can take advantage of its cool features – even as you continue playing, during server maintenance or if you’ve left the game. Your shop will still remain open and your goods will still be available.

Trade Is Blooming At the Bazaar

Since the villages are no longer safe, the three kingdoms have come to an accord to allow access to peaceful trade for all. From now on, shops can only be opened in a neutral area: the Bazaar.

Now you can find all shops on a single map which is accessible by players of all three kingdoms. In the ‘Bazaar’ map, no duels or other PvP actions are possible, and monsters can also not appear. Now you can go there and concentrate on trading in peace.

We made trading much simpler: not only the new Personal Premium Shops make exchanging goods easier, but we’ve also introduced new features to the old shops. You can continue using these shops on the new map, of course. Furthermore, there are NPCs waiting for you on the new map to ensure business is booming: the Blacksmith, the General Store Saleswoman, the Alchemist, the Storekeeper and the Mailbox.

This update will make it even easier for you to find the right buyers and sellers for goods – this is for sure.

We wish you lots of fun while trading!
The Metin2 Team