1/28/2020, 9 AM

Region Clusters – Full Details

Many of you are already waiting for it to happen, and in February it’ll become reality – we’re bringing together more players in the kingdom of the Dragon God! Once the servers from different countries have been bundled together into regional clusters, you can expect to meet new opponents, fresh allies and exciting new challenges.

Following the maintenance to create the clusters, you’ll see the servers of other countries in the launcher and will be able to create new characters on them. Which language a server uses can be seen from the national flag displayed next to its name, whereas the language of the game itself depends on the one chosen in the client. Your servers and their respective languages remain unchanged.

The Clusters

Eastern Europe

The servers of the following countries will be bundled: Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Western Europe

The servers of the following countries will be bundled: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Netherlands.

The following countries will not be affected by the regional clusters: Greece, Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Account Name Suffixes

This affects all players who do not yet use the Gameforge Client and who add their account there in future.

  • In order to avoid duplicate names, some account names will receive a country code as a suffix.
  • Logging in works with both the regular name as well as the name with the country suffix.
  • Accounts which already have a country code will not get an additional one.
  • Steam accounts also remain unaffected by this change, as the Steam ID makes them uniquely identifiable.

Add Account on gameforge.com

  • Click on ‘Add account’ in the Gameforge Client. If the client language matches that of the chosen server, the login process continues as normal. The aforementioned country suffix will be appended to the name.
  • If the account cannot be found, you’ll be asked to check that you’ve chosen the correct language.
  • Once an account has been found, it can be added to the Gameforge account as normal.

Have fun on your next adventures!

The Metin2 Team