Community Update #1


Roughly 2 weeks have passed since the successful release of Kingdom Under Fire 2, and we would like to update you all with the most recent topics that we are working on, as well as a preview of what is coming up for all of Bersia’s citizens.

Before we get started, we would like to express our gratitude for all the constructive input and feedback we have been receiving over the past 2 weeks. We are humbled by the level of detail and information everyone has been providing, as it helps us and Blueside to improve the game further.

With this Community Update we would like to show that your concerns are being heard, and that we are actively working on polishing and improving the game even more. But before we go into the details, let’s go over a quick summary regarding the current state of the game.

State of the Kingdom Under Fire 2

After several months of preparation, we finally released Kingdom Under Fire 2 for PC on the 14th of November on the Gameforge Client, and on the 18th of November on Steam. Based on overall user reception and metrics, the release of the game was relatively smooth during both launches, besides a few initial gameplay issues experienced by some players which prevented story advancement for some players that were tackled within a couple of days.

Since day 1 the perception of the game has been positive, along with most of the feedback we continue getting from our players. We did increase our resources to collect all feedback from Discord, Facebook, and other social media sites to make sure we covered it all as swiftly as we could.

We are working closely with Blueside to release the first major fixes & content additions by December (more regarding that topic below). We truly hope that our efforts reflect the love and passion that players put in the game and the feedback they provide, which allows us to make things even better as we continue updating the gaming.

The game currently has quite a few things that we need to take a closer look at. Topics such as progression and balance will receive more attention to further polish those aspects of the game.

Please note that the following topics are still under discussion. Although they will not be tackled right away with the December update, we want to give you more insight on what we are working on and prioritizing based on your feedback and development requirements.

**On our to do list: **

  • Balance of endgame raids / missions

We heard your feedback. You want it harder and more challenging!

  • The general feedback from our community was that the endgame raids and missions were fun, but could use a higher degree of difficulty

  • The 16 man raid that we are going to add in December already has some of the difficulty updates implemented to it

  • Further changes to increase the difficulty of missions are currently planned and being tested

  • General Hero & Troop balance

Spellsword and Berserker need some love. Scorpion and Slaughterer get "employee of the month".

  • We have heard the feedback and are currently looking into balancing-out certain troops and heroes to be more in line with others

  • The balancing topic will be tackled together with the difficulty of raids

  • The complexity of this topic is not to be underestimated, and thus it will take us a little bit longer to deliver the polish. We are hoping to have the first update by early 2020 and will continue to monitor for additional adjustments if needed

  • We can confirm that classes like Berserker have some stats not correctly applied, which we are currently looking into

  • Randomness of endgame rewards

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

  • We are currently looking into the reward systems

  • As such, we are adding upcoming troops from the December update to the Cubic shop

  • Players will be able to buy the new desired troops after acquiring enough Cubic currency through their gameplay

  • Daily limits of instances

The never-ending hunger for battle in Bersia.

  • We received feedback that some of our most hardcore players cover most of the daily content considerably fast, and hunger for more action when they are done
  • We are closely monitoring this situation and would like to check first how many players reach that limit, and how frequently this happens so that we can make the necessary adjustments

Please note that the above are the 4 most impactful reported topics which we are currently monitoring the closest along with Blueside. However, these topics are closely intertwined with different aspects of the game and cannot be changed too swiftly without proper study and testing, so it will most likely take some more time for everything to get fully polished.

Next up are the current patch notes for the upcoming patch as well as all content additions for the game. The patch notes are subjective to changes. If we receive further fixes we will add them and you will receive a fully finalized update on the day of the patch release.

December - First content update and major fixes

Below you will find the current content of the upcoming patch for December. Please note that this is subject to changes based on how we progress with testing, integration, etc.

New content additions

In December we will bring a new challenge to Bersia as well as new content players can farm for if they’d like to be extra prepared.

Below is a more detailed overview of what you can expect:

  • New Raid:

  • 16 man raid "Mountain of Pain" will be added

  • This content has been updated with adjustment in balance considering the players feedback requesting for a higher degree of difficulty in end-game content.

  • New Mission:

  • Hero mission "Treasure Goblin´s Nest" will be added

  • Main resource gain: Gold, Troop visionstones, and general training stones

  • New Troops:

  • Available from 16-man raid
    o 5 new troops

  • Available from Cubic shop
    o Cubic Shop addition has been made based on player feedback to have less random based options to obtain troops. Based on further feedback we can add more troops to the Cubic shop if requested.
    o 3 new troops

  • Seasonal event:

  • Christmas Event will be added as the first seasonal event for Kingdom Under Fire 2

  • This event will run for a limited amount of time

  • Obtain special Christmas Costumes, Mounts or Christmas Troops by helping "Mr. Christmas" with his duties

Bug & Issue fixes - Patch 1.0 December 2019

Beside the additional content the patch also focusses on fixing issues with text, UI and critical gameplay issues as well as updating some of the mechanics in game based on player feedback.

Please note that any information that could lead to any sort of abuse detrimental to the economy is not listed in the patch notes and will be provided later on as a safety measure.

Below is a list of issues that will be fixed with the upcoming patch:

  • Improvements:

  • Lucky Chest can have high-grade troop coin as reward
    o The whole chest has been reworked

  • Increased max guild member size from 40 to 60

  • Added Enchantment Stone Options

  • Set full screen mode as default setting during game to improve game performance

  • Removed Cubic costs for world chat

  • Removed Diamond tab from cash shop

  • Modified texts for the Gunslinger class

  • Modification of quest content related to troop growth (troop skill)

  • Troop skill tactics: changed dialog according to troop skills

  • Modified upgrade materials of troop equipment’s

  • Added some upgrade materials that were missing

  • Fixed issues:

A lot of the mentioned topics in the past regarding UI, translation and bugs are going to be tackled with the December update. We will provide a more detailed list when the update hits live.

Topics that are currently monitored and in discussion:

A lot of the feedback and concerns revolve around topics that either need more time to be checked or properly balanced out. In the below section we want to give an overview of all the feedback that has been collected so far.

  • Teleport cost. We will keep an eye on the costs together with the overall gold gain and consider a change if needed
  • Purple units are very rare to achieve
  • Subjugate missions don´t give troops as intended
  • Amount of gear dropped from raids
  • (lvl29) Tomb of Ancestors. Defense tower damage needs should be increased
  • Think about solutions how to prevent people going AFK in PvP matches
  • Premium bag slots should be automatically recognized by the game
  • Ping system in-game not fully working yet
  • Attack-move command
  • Re-introduce the ability to attack-move, in previous builds you could shift Z then click to not only queue moves but queue attacks to specific enemies.

**Further suggested improvements from the community **

The following section is a summary of wishes we collected and received from you guys. At this point in time we can´t guarantee if there will be any progress but we will gladly forward the importance of those topics to Blueside to consider them. Some of the topics, such as the hero character gender lock, are really difficult to tackle due to the amount of work that is put into the individual classes and their animations/skills etc. Nonetheless, we want to show you that those ideas are acknowledged. Below are some of the other suggestions and requests we have received:

  • No gender locks
  • Console version (Xbox, PS4)
  • More undead units (ghouls, vampires etc.)
  • More unique invasions
  • Better troop progression (5 star blue can be upgraded to hero grade)
  • Account-wide purchase
  • More crafting options (especially for rings)
  • Auction house button so that you can check prices from everywhere in the world
  • Fixes for PvP matchmaking
  • Massive RTS mode with up to 10 troops
  • Show daily quests only to players who can do them
  • Improvements to the MMO part of the game
  • After casting troop ability, the troop should remain in its original stance after using the ability
  • More PvP maps
  • Make UI resizable
  • Make UI movable (from the Main UI only the chat is)
  • Option to invert the mouse
  • Make all Keys re-bindable

It has been a very exciting time for KUF2, and we are honored to serve such an amazing global community that enjoys playing the game as much as we do. We will continue to monitor the changes we make, so please continue providing us with constructive feedback and information that we can utilize to make additional changes and fixes that enable us to make every iteration even better.

We thank you once again for all the great feedback and hope that you enjoy the awesome content update, we are preparing to rollout in December.

See you all in Bersia!

The Kingdom Under Fire 2 Team


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